10 Interesting Evolution Facts

Sunday, January 19th 2014. | Science

Evolution facts give you some interesting facts which study about animal and human evolution. One of the important scientists who always talk about evolution is Charles Darwin. This man contributes a lot to the field of science because of his valuable findings. Let’s find out more about evolution by reading the following post below:

Evolution Facts 1: nipples

The theory of evolution talks about the reason why male mammals have nipples. It is stated that all mammals come in pentoypically female. When the nipples have come out, the male common began to surge. Many people think that nipples on men are useless.  They can be dangerous because men can have breast cancer just like women even though the risk is low.

Evolution Facts 2: shared characteristic in all mammals

All mammals in the world share similar characteristics. They have the five digits per lim. It can be vestigial or even complete. The antelopes have the vestigial five digit. The bats have the five digits per wing.

Evolution Apes

Evolution Apes

Evolution Facts 3: process of evolution

The process of evolution is uncovered by studying about the theory of evolution and some fossils found on earth.

Evolution Facts 4: definition of evolution

Let’s define the evolution. We can say that it is a process of changes passed from generation to generation as a result of inheritance.

Evolution Book

Evolution Book

Evolution Facts 5: advantages

When an organism evolves, it has to find out the advantages to stay survive. If the organism only has small advantages, it cannot survive in the harsh environment.

Evolution Facts 6: tree of life

Understanding the tree of life is very beneficial to the life of human being.  This is the illustration used by the biologists to uncover the living things evolved billion years ago.

Evolution cover

Evolution cover

Evolution Facts 7: scientific theories

There are many theories about evolution. The heliocentric theory stated that the earth revolves the sun. If you study about cell theory, you will know that all living things in the world are created from cell.

Evolution Facts 8: The Relationship between Apes and Humans

Evolution always talks about the relationship between apes and humans. It is stated that human being and chimpanzees shared 98.5 percent similar genes.

Evolution Facts

Evolution Facts

Evolution Facts 9: modern African apes

Even though human being and chimpanzees share similar genes, it does not mean that human comes from chimpanzees. It only indicates that both share the similar ancestor of modern African apes.

Evolution Facts 10: differences with apes and human

Both human being and apes have differences.  The brain of human being is more complex and larger.

charles darwin

charles darwin

Apes and human being walk in different ways. People wall in upright position. They have complex system of communication. Do you have any opinion on facts about evolution?

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