10 Interesting Stamp Facts

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I will give you the interesting information about a piece of paper used as a method of payment for delivering mail on Stamp Facts. You can go to the post office to get the postage stamps. Talking about the design of a stamp, it features the self-adhesive part or an adhesive gum at the back part. The front part features a value of the stamp and a national designation. The paper used to create the stamp is the custom made one. Check other facts about stamps below:

Stamp Facts 1: where to purchase the stamps

Besides going to the post offices, you can also get the stamps from the authorized vendors.

Stamp Facts 2: the function of stamp

Do you know the function of a stamp? It is used as a payment for the moving mail. In other cases, the stamp is used for registration and insurance.



Stamp Facts 3: the stamp collectors

Stamp will cost a great deal of value when it is sold to the stamp collectors. They hunt the unique and old stamps.

Stamp Facts 4: the shape of common stamps

The common stamps produced for the market are in rectangular. However, you can find the unique ones made in triangular or even other shapes.

the stamp facts

the stamp facts

Stamp Facts 5: how to use the stamps

Using the stamp is very simple to do. You can have to attach the stamp at the surface of an envelope, mailing cylinder, box or even packet.

Stamp Facts 6: the process

Once the stamp is used to deliver a mail, it cannot be used anymore because of the cancellation mark is located on the cover and stamp.

washington 1857

washington 1857

Stamp Facts 7: the usage of postmark in modern era

The point of origin of the mailing as well as the date is indicated from the postmark. The envelope features the address where the mail will be delivered. Find out facts about the Salvation Army here.

Stamp Facts 8: the Penny Black

The Penny Black is the first adhesive postage stamp. In 1840, this stamp was issued in United Kingdom.

stamp pic

stamp pic

Stamp Facts 9: the increased level of mailing

The number of mails was increased in 19th and 20th century because people felt that it was very convenient to use stamps.

Stamp Facts 10: the decline of postage stamp use

The flourished mailing businesses and the application of metered postage make the use of postage stamp decline rapidly. Check facts about stamp act here.



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