10 Interesting the Salvation Army Facts

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The Salvation Army Facts will inform you with a quasi-military styled charitable organizationon the basis of Christian church. The members of the Salvation Army include the officers and soldiers. You may call them with a term “Salvationist”. At least 1.5 million people are included in the membership of the Salvation Army. The members can be found living in 127 countries in the world.  Catherine and William Booth were the founders of the organization. Let us check other interesting facts about the Salvation Army below:

The Salvation Army Facts 1: helping

The main purpose of the Salvation Army is to help the poor, need and hungry people. The organization has shelters for the homeless people. They also manage and run shops.

The Salvation Army Facts 2: William Booth

William Booth was a Methodist preacher who established the Army in 1865. At first, it was called as the East London Christian Mission.

general andre cox

general andre cox

The Salvation Army Facts 3: re-organize the mission

The military structure was applied after Booth decided to re-organize the charitable organization in 1878. Check facts about the RNLI here.

The Salvation Army Facts 4: General André Cox

Have you ever heard about General André Cox? He is the recent leader of the Salvation Army. On 3rd August 2013, the High Council of Salvation Army appointed Cox as the world leader.

the salvation army facts

the salvation army facts

The Salvation Army Facts 5: the membership

Based on the Year Book in 2010, the Salvation Army had 39,071 Corps Cadets, 16,938 active officers, 189,176 Adherents, 9,190 retired officers, 4.5 million volunteers, 104,977 employees, 378,009 Junior Soldiers, and 1,122,326 soldiers.

The Salvation Army Facts 6: the social aid

The main purpose of the organization is giving the social aid to others. In United States, 32 million people had been helped by the organization in 2004.

the salvation army monument

the salvation army monument

The Salvation Army Facts 7: the operating cost

In 2004, the operating cost of Salvation Army reached $2.6 billion.

The Salvation Army Facts 8: in Africa

The organization also focuses for helping people in the Africa by working in refugee camps. Check facts about the Mary Rose here.

the salvation army pic

the salvation army pic

The Salvation Army Facts 9: the second largest charity

The second largest charity in United States is the Salvation Army. In 2007, it had spent $2 billion for the private donation.

The Salvation Army Facts 10: the opposition

The assisted suicide and euthanasia are several things opposed by the organization.

the salvation army

the salvation army

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