10 Interesting Immigration Facts

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Immigration facts carry the right information about the life of immigrants in the world. Many people have to emigrate form their original country because of many reasons. Some of them want to get a better living, while others want to avoid the politics and severe movement in the country. Here are some facts about immigration to understand:

Immigration Facts 1: Illegal Aliens

One of the best countries that illegal aliens want to settle is America.  The congress of American gives amnesty to more than 3.1 million illegal aliens in 1986.

Immigration Facts 2: Jobs in US

The presence of illegal aliens makes the American workers lose their job. It is stated that 65 American workers are displaced from their job, while 100 aliens can get a job.

illegal immigrants

illegal immigrants

Immigration Facts 3: Drug Offenses

Drug offenses are considered as one of the important cases that the US government has to handle and solve. More than 72,000 illegal aliens in US are involved with drug offences every year.

Immigration Facts 4: Crime

Not all of illegal aliens do something bad to the country. But the fact states that in some areas in US, illegal aliens are responsible for the 25 percent burglaries, 12 percent felonies and 34 percent theft. The valuable items like cars are prone to get stolen. If you want to get more info to preserve your vechile, read car facts.



Immigration Facts 5: Crime in Lake County, Illinois

About 21.5 percent criminals living in the jail in Illinois are illegal aliens. This condition make the state spends the annual cost around $4,056, 945.

Immigration Facts 6: Education

Educating the children of illegal aliens is much more expensive that educating the American people. The country needs to spend the annual rate at $52 billion.

Immigration Facts

Immigration Facts

Immigration Facts 7: Gay and Transgender Adult Immigrants

Gay and transgender adult immigrants are increased from time to time.  In this present day, the transgender and gay people are more than 1 million individuals. Most of them are young people.

Immigration Facts 8: Background of Education

The educational background of the immigrants in US is varied. More than 11 percent immigrants have a professional degree and master degree, while the 68 percent have GED or high school diploma.



Immigration Facts 9: Homeowners

Not all of immigrants in US have a bad living in the community. It is stated that 52 percent immigrants in US have their own home. read the homeless facts for more insights.

Immigration Facts10: US Born Children of Immigrants

Compared to their immigrant parents, more than 20 million US born children immigrants have better financial status. The parents’ income is in the total amount of $45,800, while the children’s can reach $58,100.



The illegal aliens in the world are higher.  They can be seen not only in US but also on other countries. Most of them do not pay the income takes. Have you wondered on the facts about immigration?

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