10 Interesting Terrorism Facts

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Terrorism Facts tell you about the act used to terror the people. When a person or a group of people conducts terrorism, it usually features a political objective. The religious groups, nationalist groups, left wing political parties, right wing political parties, the ruling governments and revolutionaries have practiced terrorism. The people try to pursue their goals by using terrorism since the human fear can be exploited. Check other facts about terrorism below:

Terrorism Facts 1: the types of terrorism

There are various types of terrorism. The variety is seen from the time in history, political system and country.

Terrorism Facts 2: 1983 Beirut bombing

Islamic Jihad Organization and Hezbollah bombed the United States embassy in Beirut in 1983.

Facts about Terrorism

Facts about Terrorism

Terrorism Facts 3: Sbarro pizza restaurant bombing

A Hamas suicide bomber wounded 130 and killed 15 Israeli civilians in Sbarro pizza restaurant bombing in Jerusalem.

Terrorism Facts 4: the National Advisory Committee on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals

The National Advisory Committee on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals was formed by the Law Enforcement Assistant Administration in United States in the beginning of 1975. Disorders and Terrorism was one of the five volumes that this committee wrote.

Terrorism Facts

Terrorism Facts

Terrorism Facts 5: the categories of terrorism

There are six categories of terrorism classified by the Disorders and Terrorism. They were produced by the Task Force on Disorders and Terrorism. Those are data-terrorism, civil disorder, limited political terrorism, political terrorism, official or state terrorism and passive terrorism.

Terrorism Facts 6: Political terrorism

The terrorism conducted to produce the fear in the community for political purpose is included in political terrorism. On the other hand, the violence conducted to obstruct the security and peace within the community is included as a civil disorder.

Terrorism Pic

Terrorism Pic

Terrorism Facts 7: the data terrorism

The unjust storage of private information of the people used to generate personal, economic or political benefit is included in data terrorism. It is very common to spot the data terrorism in Australia, Canada and United States. Get fact about crime here.

Terrorism Facts 8: Passive terrorism

Passive terrorism is conducted by the government or public which tolerates or allows the spread of terrorism. The people who realize the conduct of terrorism, but they just keep silent about it is included in passive terrorism.

Terrorism Picture

Terrorism Picture

Terrorism Facts 9: Al Qaeda

In September 2001, Al Qaeda attacked United States by focusing on the high profile target. Get facts about police officer here.

Terrorism Facts 10: revenge

Revenge can be one of the motivations of terrorism. Timothy McVeigh was one of the terrorists wanted to revenge the state by conducting terrorism.




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