10 Interesting Homelessness Facts

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Homelessness facts give you a terrifying reality of the people’s life especially youngster and old people. Many people think that when a teen is homeless, he or she must be a troublemaker. You should never think that same way since there are many reasons about it. A trouble maker is not the main reason that causes homelessness among teens. Here are the important facts to give more insights:

Homelessness Facts 1: Major Reason of Homelessness

The major reason of homelessness among teens is because of abuse. Most children are originated from the abusive environment. The bad living at home makes them have to run away from the house and live under the bridge or even on the walkway downtown. Young girls are more vulnerable to abuse.

Homelessness Facts 2: Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation is also the major factor that makes the gay teens leave home. When they tell parents and people around about the real them, they are forced to leave home.

Homeless Community

Homeless Community

Homelessness Facts 3: Living On the Street

When the teens have not a place to stay, they have to live on the street.  If you think that they can sleep on the park bench, you are wrong about it. The overcrowded teens make them do not have any place to sleep. Read more on homeless people facts.

Homelessness Facts 4: Impact of Living Street

Living in a street is not the best solution because the homeless people are subject to sexual assault.   It is a world filled with hopelessness and sadness. They are also involved with crime and drug use.

Homeless Man

Homeless Man

Homelessness Facts 5: No Education

When teens decide to leave the house forever, they cannot continue the education. They need to move from one place to another to survey and get a non-permanent shelter.

Homelessness Facts 6: Death of Homeless People

Each day, 13 children passed away on the street in Unites of America. Look at immigrantion facts to know other homeless people.

homeless youngster

homeless youngster

Homelessness Facts 7: Age of Homeless People

Most teens who run away from the house are in the age around 15 up to 17 years old. However, there are some children under 10 years who always run away from the house.

Homelessness Facts 8: Suicide

It is estimated that 1/3 of runaways want to perform suicide as a solution.

homelessness Facts

homelessness Facts

Homelessness Facts 9: HIV

The homeless teens are very vulnerable. Compared to the non-homeless adolescent, the homeless teens are more possible to get infected by HIV AIDS.

Homelessness Facts 10: Physical Abuse

Before the teens run away from the house, a half of them reportedly have been abused. It is also sad to know that 10 percent of runaway female teens are pregnant.



There are many things that people can help. You can donate your proper clothes, blankets and shoes to make them living appropriately. There are many organizations which support the homeless teens. You can donate clothes or even money. What do you think on facts about homelessness?

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