10 Interesting Capital Punishment Facts

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Capital punishment facts explain the information about the death penalty concept that people adopt in the past and present day. Justice is very important to life of human being. The death punishment is not only recognized this day but also in the past. There are many ancients countries performed this action.   I do not want to discuss whether it is right or wrong. What I want to highlight is the facts about it:

Capital Punishment Facts 1: hanging

Hanging is one of the death punishments which make people died in seconds. What if the man is too fat to hang? this case happened to Mitchell Rupe who shot two tellers in a bank robbery.  He left behind bars because he was too heavy to hang.  In 2006, this man died because of liver disease.

Capital Punishment Facts 2: Guillotine

Guillotine is an old kind of punishment because it is so immoral. This action was done in a modern time too.  The Nazi regime used Guillotine in WWII. The last man executed in French using Guillotine was Hamida Djandoubi in 1977.

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment Facts 3: head after Guillotine

Guillotine was considered as an efficient and effective way to kill human being.  With a sharp knife it can cut the head fast. However, when the head was slashed, people saw that the head remain conscious in few seconds.

Capital Punishment Facts 4: Code of Hammurabi

Code of Hammurabi had different types of punishment. The main territory of the code was an eye for an eye. But not all kinds of mistakes would be guaranteed with death penalty. The people were only charged with a fine when they kill slaves.

Capital Punishment Facts

Capital Punishment Facts

Capital Punishment Facts 5: Old Law

Old Law is infused with capital punishment. The authorization can be seen in New Law.

Capital Punishment Facts 6: cost

Keeping a prisoner in jail actually is cheaper that making him or her died on a life sentence. It is estimated that $4 billion had been spent by California in 2011 for death penalty.

Capital Punishment in US

Capital Punishment in US

Capital Punishment Facts 7: crime

Some people think that by having a life sentence, they can reduce crime. It is not true at all.  There are some cities have lowered murder crime without death penalty sentence.

Capital Punishment Facts 8: innocent people

Not all of people who have been executed are wrong people. Sometimes in the next years evidence indicates that he or he is not guilty.

Capital Punishment Injection

Capital Punishment Injection

Capital Punishment Facts 9: race

Based on a report created in 1990 stated that race also played a major part to determine the life sentence. The black who murdered a white was likely to be sentence to death.

Capital Punishment Facts 10: random death penalty

It is stated that death penalty is applied at random. There were 1000 people sentenced to death from 22,000 homicides.

OLd Capital Punishment

OLd Capital Punishment

You can find that some religions in the world support the need to death sentence. However, it is considered as an immoral behavior by almost all religion groups living in US. Do you want to give opinion on facts about capital punishment?

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