10 Interesting Racism Facts

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Racism facts open your eyes about classification on races. Even though we now live in modern days, some people still differentiate people based on their races. It is not true that a certain race is higher than any other races. The truth that we come in equal position is not seen based on the skin pigmentation. Here are some facts about racism to give you full understanding.

Racism Facts 1: U.S. Census Bureau

Race is used as a social category by U.S. Census Bureau. It does not propose any ideas to define the race for the people genetically, biologically, or even anthropology. There 5 categories of races. Those are Black, White, American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Asian.

Racism Facts 2: Geography and Ultraviolet Rays

Race has nothing to do with skin color. Many scientists believe that the skin color of the people is different because of the intensity of ultraviolet rays and geography.

Racism Campaign

Racism Campaign

Racism Facts 3: Different Colors In The Future

Many scientists believe that in the future, people will be served with many different colors of skin. There is no way to define people based on dark and skin color because there will be more mixed skin colors.

Racism Facts 4: Race and Ethnicity

You are wrong if you think that ethnicity and race are two similar entities. Both are different. Ethnicity is always linked with language, religion and culture. Race is associated with biological difference. It is always used by some people to discriminate other people. Look at slavery facts for more proves.

Racism Facts

Racism Facts

Racism Facts 5: Ancestors

The mixed ancestors make people confused to define themselves. Some people who call themselves as European American people have some African ancestors or vice versa.

Racism Facts 6: Race Word

The first word of race was used by Francois Bernier. He is a French physician who wrote an essay in 1684 with a title “A New Division of the Earth, According to the Different Species or Races of Men Who Inhabit It.”. The essay is about human classification.

Racism in US

Racism in US

Racism Facts 7: Carl Linnaeus

Another prominent physical and botanist who categorized human being into four races is Carl Linnaeus. The four races include H. sapiens afer, H. sapiens americanus, H. sapiens asiaticus and H. sapiens Europeans.

Racism Facts 8: Johan Friedrich Blumenbach

Another classification is promoted by Johan Friedrich Blumenbach. He divided the races into five. Those are Mongolian, Caucasian, Malay, Ethiopian and American. He argued that Caucasian race is the ideas human being.



Racism Facts 9: 2010 American Census

Based on the American census held in 2010, the higher level of children living in poverty was held by African American. The lowest rate was taken by the children from Asia. People now live in different parts of the world. See immigration facts in US here.

Racism Facts 10: Gene

Even though both East Asian and Europe have light skin colors, their gene is different.

Stop Racism

Stop Racism

Race is assigned differently in some nations. In Brazil, race is not determined at birth. The socioeconomic statues and person’s parents affect your race. On the other hand, US associate the race at birth. What do you think on facts about racism?

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