10 Interesting Sponge Facts

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Get the interesting Sponge Facts if you want to know more about the marine animal in the phylum porifera. This animal has a lot of pores and channel all over the body.  Therefore, the water is able to circulate along the body. This animal does not have any circulatory, digestive or even nervous system. To remove the waste, eat food and get oxygen, the animal relays on the flow of water. Let’s find out other facts about sponge below:

Sponge Facts 1: the distribution of sponge

You can find sponge in various ocean habitats in the world.  It can be spotted in the tropics and Polar Regions. Most of them like to live in clear and quiet water. If they live in the water with a lot of sediment, the pores of the animals will be blocked.

Sponge Facts 2: the place to find out sponge

You can find sponge living on the rocks or firm surfaces. They usually attach the body on the soft sediments.

Sponge Picture

Sponge Picture

Sponge Facts 3: the abundant sponge

Sponge can be found abundant in the tropical waters than in the temperate waters. It is due to the fact that the food for sponges is abundant in tropical waters.

Sponge Facts 4: the sponge in polar waters

The most common sponges that you can find in polar waters are glass sponges. You can also spot them in the tropical and temperate waters.

Sponge Shape

Sponge Shape

Sponge Facts 5: the shallow non polar waters

The shallow non polar waters are often inhabited by the calcareous sponges and demosponges. Check slug facts here.

Sponge Facts 6: the defense mechanism

The defense mechanism for sponge is seen on the toxin produced by this animal. Therefore, the animals such as sea squirts and bryozoans will never grow near them.



Sponge Facts 7: the rash

Human being should be careful with Tedania ignis. It is the Caribbean fire sponge which gives human being severe rash.

Sponge Facts 8: the enemies of sponge

The enemies of sponge include the fish and turtles. To avoid the being eaten by those predators, sponge will produce the chemical defenses.

Sponge Color

Sponge Color

Sponge Facts 9: the predator

Another defense mechanism is applied by the Chondrilla nucula. The toxin will be secreted by this Caribbean chicken liver sponge to kill the coral polyps. Get facts about Snapping Turtles here.

Sponge Facts 10: the usage of sponges

Sponges are used for various purposes such as for portable drinking utensils, helmets, and municipal water filters.

Sponge Facts

Sponge Facts

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