10 Interesting Slug Facts

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Check out the shell less terrestrial gastropod mollusc in Slug Facts. You can find them living in the saltwater and land. The one which lives in the freshwater is from the genus Acochlidium. Most people use the word slug to call the land slug. If they live in saltwater or sea, call them sea slugs. The freshwater slugs are used to call the slugs which live in freshwater.

Slug Facts 1: the torsion

Slug is just like other gastropods. During the development of the body, it experiences the torsion. It means that the internal organs of this slug twist 180 degree.

Slug Facts 2: the land slug

The land slug has less or more symmetrical external part for the rotation of the internal organ affects it.

Slug Facts

Slug Facts

Slug Facts 3: the weather and temperature

The condition of the habitat affects the body of slugs. The land slugs have to live in the moist and damp environment for the slimy, soft and smooth bodies cannot resist desiccation. When the weather is very dry, they have to hide in a damp habitat.

Slug Facts 4: the tentacles of land slugs

You can find two pairs of tentacles on the head of most land slugs. The lower pairs of the slug are used to sense smell. The upper pair of tentacles is used to detect the light.

Slug Image

Slug Image

Slug Facts 5: the tail

The land slug also has a tail. It is located behind the mantle.

Slug Facts 6: the mantle

The saddle shaped mantle can be seen behind the head. You can find a respiratory opening at one side of the mantle.  When it is closed, it is very hard for you to see it. But it is very easy to see when it is opened.

Slug Pic

Slug Pic

Slug Facts 7: the bottom side of slug

The flat bottom side of slug is called foot.  The muscular contraction on the foot helps the slug to move. When the slug travels, the layer of mucus is secreted. Get facts about silkworms here.

Slug Facts 8: hermaphrodites

The male and female reproductive organs are located in a slug. Therefore, it is included as hermaphrodite animals.



Slug Facts 9: the importance of slug

Slug is very important for the ecosystem. The decaying fungi and plant materials are the common food of slugs.  The slug also eats the dead slugs. Get facts about sloth here.

Slug Facts 10: the land slug and diet

There are various kinds of herbs and veggies that the land slugs eat such as strawberries, irises, petunias, lobelia, peas, apples, carrots, daffodils and daisies.

facts about Slug

facts about Slug

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