10 Interesting Indian Culture Facts

Tuesday, April 8th 2014. | Culture

Indian Culture facts make you learn more about the fabulous culture and way of life of the Indian people. Indian is one of the unique countries in the world because the ways they speak, sing, dance and dress up are different other people. That’s way people love to come to India and see the unique things here. There is no need to wonder if some Hollywood movies like Eat, Pray and Love were shot here.

Indian Culture Facts 1: greeting

If you come to India, you need to know the way to greet the people in the country. You say Namaskar or Namaste while you join the palm of your hands together and put them on the chest.

Indian Culture Facts 2: guests

Being guests in India can be a wonderful experience for you. Indian people treat their guests like a God even though they are not family members.

Indian Culture Beauty

Indian Culture Beauty

Indian Culture Facts 3: the elder people

When you come to India, you will know that the Indian people respect the elder people a lot. They will touch the feet of the elder people to seek blessing.

Indian Culture Facts 4: equality

Even though the old culture of India is differentiated based on the caste, it seems that people now are taught about equality.  The sex, creed and caste are no longer important in India.

Indian Culture Dance

Indian Culture Dance

Indian Culture Facts 5: helpful people

Indian people are helpful people. Since they were kids, the parents taught them to help other people.

Indian Culture Facts 6: Diwali

One of the most famous holidays in India is Diwali.  This is the festival of light. You can see that each home and building in India is filled with strings of lamps and candles.

Indian Culture facts

Indian Culture facts

Indian Culture Facts 7: holidays

There are various kinds of holidays in India. You can see Buddha Jayanti, Onam, Ganesh Chaturthi, Vijayadashami, Eid ul-Fitr, Durga Puja, Christmas, Gandhi Jayanthi, Republic Day and Independence Day.

Indian Culture Facts 8: religions

People in India embrace different religions. This country is considered as the birthplace of some famous religions in the world such as Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. There are at least 11 religions practiced by the people in India.

Indian Culture Wedding

Indian Culture Wedding

Indian Culture Facts 9: Indian food

Indian food is famous with its spicy taste. The main dishes to make traditional Indian cuisine include lamb, chicken, goat and fish.

Indian Culture Facts 10: clothing

People love to know more about the traditional clothing of India. The women usually wear saris. Actually there are many other kinds of Indian wardrobe such as pyjama and kurta, salwar-kameez, ghagra-choli, dhoti and dupatta.

Indian Music Players

Indian Music Players

There are some interesting places that you can visit if you want to learn about the Indian culture and architecture. You can go to Red Fort, Taj Mahal,  Brihadeeswara Temple,  Fatehpur Sikri and many more. Are you fascinated with facts about Indian culture?

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