10 Interesting English Language Facts

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English language facts provide the information about one of the most popular languages in the world. Many people speak English because it is considered as the international language. People all over the world always introduce this language in the curriculum.  When people come from two different countries meet, they will use English to communicate. Find out the fascinating facts about this language below:

English Language Facts 1: town

Do you know that the oldest word in English is the Town? I know that you expect odd word for the oldest one. However, town has been used in many old literatures.

English Language Facts 2: eras of English language

If you study English literature, you will know that there are three eras in English language development. Those are the Old English, Middle Aged English and Modern English language.

English Language facts

English Language facts

English Language Facts 3: ough

A word containing the word ough can be produced differently. You need to be aware because the people who learn about it do not notice it. You need to find out different pronunciation of the words of Scarborough, dough, rough, ploughman, and coughed.

English Language Facts 4: the official languages

There are some countries in the world using English as their official language such as United States. English is not considered as the most spoken language in the world.

English Language Pic

English Language Pic

English Language Facts 5: the longest word

If you look at the Oxford modern English, you can see that it has the longest word of “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis. This word contains 45 characters.

English Language Facts 6: plural form

If you learn English, you need to notice on the plural forms. There are some words in plural form ended with the letter es or s. However, there are some words which do not have to end with es or such as children, women, men, deer and many more.

English Language prepostion

English Language prepostion

English Language Facts 7: Good Bye

Good bye is a product of modern English language.  It was derived from the word GodBye from the old English language. It means God Be With You.

English Language Facts 8: The official English

Since America uses English as their official language, people speak it every day. In Illinois, people commit crime if they speak the English word that people always speak every day. They need to use the American language.

English Languages

English Languages

English Language Facts 9: terms

Based on the reach, there are more than 1 million terms of vocabulary that you can have in English language. However, we only speak 6000 to 8000 of those terms.

English Language Facts 10: popularity

The most popular language on earth is English. People now are thinking about studying English harder because they want to communicate with other foreign people.

English Language

English Language

Are you fascinated with facts about English language?

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