10 Interesting Gabon Facts

Tuesday, February 4th 2014. | Countries

Gabon facts provide the information about the interesting country in the world. If you go to Africa, Gabon can be visited if you want to learn about the local culture. This country is filled with lush green forest. It can be a good subject for your biological research. Let’s find out about Gabon facts below:

Gabon Facts 1: topography

Let’s talk about the topography in Gabon. It is filled with lush green rainforest. If you explore the green forest in Gabon, you can see a lot of plants and animals.  Gabon is also dominated with hilly terrain.

Gabon Facts 2: Mount Iboundji

If you are a good climber, why don’t you take the change to hike the highest point in Gabon? It is located on Mount Iboundji. It has the height around 1,575 meters.

Gabon Facts

Gabon Facts

Gabon Facts 3: Christian

Most people living in Gabon are Christian.  The census stated that 55 to 75 percent of the Gabon population embraces this Christians belief. The rest of them embrace the traditional belief.

Gabon Facts 4: official currency

Communicate Financiere Africaine Francs is the official currency in Gabon. When people want to buy things, they have to use this currency for the official money.

Gabon Map

Gabon Map

Gabon Facts 5: climate

What do you think about the climate in Gabon?  Since the country is located on the right side of the equator, it has humid and hot. The dry cool months are around June and August. The wettest months usually are on May and June.

Gabon Facts 6: economy

Talking about its economy, Gabon is not really a big country. The people depend more on the production of manganese and timer.  Other industries include gold mining, petroleum extraction and chemicals.

Gabon Pic

Gabon Pic

Gabon Facts 7: rainforest

As I having stated before Gabon is the home to the rainforest.  You can study about 777 different species of birds in those rainforests in Gabon. If you like to visit the largest lake in the country, you can go to Ogooue.

Gabon Facts 8: Agriculture

People in Gabon depend their economy on agriculture. There are many local people work to produce palm oil, sugar, coffee, cacao, okoume tropical softwood, fish and cattle.

Gabon Politics

Gabon Politics

Gabon Facts 9: language

Most people in Gabon use French as their official language. However, many of them also speak the native languages of Gabon such as Bandjabi, Myene, Fang and Bateke.

Gabon Facts 10: Libreville

In 1849, the freed slaves in Gabon founded the capital city of Libreville. The meaning of the city is Free Town.



Gabon got their independence on 17 August 1960. Do you have any other ideas on facts about Gabon?

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