10 Interesting South Africa Facts

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South Africa Facts talk about the country located at the southernmost of Africa. The official name is Republic of South Africa. The coastline of this country is very famous in the world. You can find it spanning on the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. It has the length at 2,798 km. It also shares border with other countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana Mozambique, Swaziland and Namibia.

South Africa Facts 1: the population and land area

The report states that South Africa is inhabited by 53 million people. Therefore, it is considered as the 24th most populous country in the world. Based on the land area, South Africa takes the 25th largest nation in the world.

South Africa Facts 2: the ethnicity

If you come to South Africa, you will be amazed with the multi-ethnic society. You can find different religions, languages and cultures. The country has 11 official languages.

South Africa Image

South Africa Image

South Africa Facts 3: European based languages

There are the official languages of South Africa derived from the European languages. The first language for the colored and white South Africans is Afrikaans. It was derived from Dutch. The legacy of British colonialism in South Africa is reflected by the usage of English in commercial and public life.

South Africa Facts 4: the black people

The struggle of the black people in South Africa to get their right is seen during 20th century. They had to fight for their right and eliminated apartheid.

South Africa Animals

South Africa Animals

South Africa Facts 5: apartheid

In 1948, apartheid was imposed by National Party. Therefore, the preceded racial segregation in South African was formally institutionalized.

South Africa Facts 6: the struggle of black people

Black people were discriminated because of apartheid. Therefore, they struggled hard to abolish the apartheid from South Africa. It was led by the African National Congress and activities. In 1990s, the discrimination was abolished.

South Africa Beauty

South Africa Beauty

South Africa Facts 7: the people who live in South Africa

The South Africans who have the sub Saharan African ancestry occupy 80 percent from the whole population in the nation. The minorities include the white or European people, Asian/Indian, and colored people. Check facts about North Africa here.

South Africa Facts 8: the economy

The World Bank states that South Africa has an upper middle income.  It will evolve as an industrialized country. South Africa is a member of BRICS.

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa Facts 9: poverty

Even though the economy is growing, there are still many people who struggle to get good jobs. The inequality and poverty are still presented. Get facts about Africa here.

South Africa Facts 10: South African Scout Association

One of the first young organizations in the country is South African Scout Association. Quo Vadis is the conference that the organization held on 2 July 1977. This association receives the adults and youth from all races.

South Africa Facts

South Africa Facts

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