10 Interesting Facebook Facts

Tuesday, January 21st 2014. | Technology

Facebook facts will be good information for you. In this case, you may recognize some unbelievable facts. For those who love to use this social media, there are many facts to find out. Some of them will be provided here.

Facebook Facts 1: divorce maker

You can find out the word Facebook in search engine. It is related to divorce. The main reason is because Facebook often provides evidence of an affair. It can be messages of other opposite sex, nasty posting from exes, and others.

Facebook Facts 2: Iceland’s constitution

In the year 2011, Iceland decided to do rewriting of their constitution. The unique part is about the media to rewrite it. The country used Facebook actually. In the past, Iceland was the part of Denmark. Yet, it becomes independent nowadays.

Facebook Celebs

Facebook Celebs

Facebook Facts 3: URL’s uniqueness

If you add the number 4 into the end of Facebook’s URL, you can directly go to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall. If you add the number 5 and also 6, you will directly go to Dustin Moskovitz and also Hughes. They are co-founders of Facebook.

Facebook Facts 4: $500 for hacking

There is a challenge from Facebook for any people who can hack it. The company will pay for $500 for those who can hack the company. The confidence is because Facebook can provide great security system of security.

Facebook facts

Facebook facts

Facebook Facts 5: pirate language

Facebook offers people with many different languages. The unique language is pirate language. The language is very distinct because you can like something by saying “Arr!”. There are many other unique languages to use in your Facebook actually.

Facebook Facts 6: the prostitutes

Mostly or about 80% of prostitutes have their own Facebook account. This fact or data is based on study conducted by Columbia University. Later, those prostitutes create a special site to market their “service”.

facebook owner

facebook owner

Facebook Facts 7: murder

There was terrible crime in Tennessee. A father of Janelle killed a couple because they de-friend his daughter. This was very bad result of de-friend.

Facebook Facts 8:  the photos

Facebook will be the great media to share photos. The fact, it is approximately 20% of photos will end up in Facebook. It is because people can easily edit and share photos.

Facebook Pics

Facebook Pics

Facebook Facts 9: the users

The users of Facebook are about more than 1 billion. If you make a country, Facebook will become the third largest in the world.

Facebook Facts 10: Film

There is a film told about Facebook. The title is “the Social Network”. It won 4 Golden Globes.



The facts about Facebook will be good information for those who gain interest of this social media. You can find other facts on the internet also.

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