10 Interesting Information Technology Facts

Wednesday, April 9th 2014. | Technology

The world of internet and computer is explained in information technology facts. Now people can communicate easily with other people from different part of the world by using the information technology. They do not have to spend a lot of cash just to send a letter. You can click your computer and chat with him or her. Let’s find out the interesting information technology facts by reading the following post below:

Information Technology Facts 1: facebook

Many people in the world have a face book account. Some of them have double or even triple face book accounts. Recently face book reports that they own 1 billion registered users.

Information Technology Facts 2: advertisement

If you check internet, you can see a lot of banners of advertisement in various websites. The first one actually was introduced in 1994.

Information Technology Computer

Information Technology Computer

Information Technology Facts 3: Amazon

Do you know Amazon? This site sells a lot of things such as toys, books, e book, rings, and fashion. Actually this company was a printed book seller company. But it moves into online and sells ebooks more than the printed books produced in the company.

Information Technology Facts 4: IBM computer

Talking about the history of computer, people should know that IBM computer was very popular in 1980s. However, you need to fit it with Microsoft Flight Simulator to make it 100 percent compatible.

Information Technology facts

Information Technology facts

Information Technology Facts 5: World Wide Web

You are wrong if you think that World Wide Web came first before the Email. The truth is that email is already around before WWW.

Information Technology Facts 6: domain

People like to make websites for some various purposes. There is no need to wonder that there are more than 2 million registered domain names.

Information Technology Image

Information Technology Image

Information Technology Facts 7: internet

The research found out that there are more 17 billion devices including cell phones, computer and tablets connected to internet by the end of 2012.

Information Technology Facts 8: English speaking users

There are at least 450 million English speaking users who connect themselves to internet from all 1.8 bullion users.

Information Technology Images

Information Technology Images

Information Technology Facts 9: Macintosh computer

Macintosh computer is used to design the house of the Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Information Technology Facts 10: Crash Course

Crash Course is another name used by people to call the Microsoft Windows tutorial.

Information Technology

Information Technology

One of the disasters of information technology is virus. You have to know that 70 percent of the virus writers have contract with some world organizations. Do you have questions on facts about information technology?

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