10 Interesting Diamond Facts

Friday, June 14th 2013. | Jewelry

Let’s see the diamond facts below if you what to know about usage of diamond as symbol of love and romance. Diamond is an expensive thing to have. When women get a diamond ring for her husband to be, it will be a flattering moment for her. Not all people can buy diamond for it is one of the precious stones in the world. Here are some facts about diamond:

Diamond Facts 1: Name of Diamond

Diamond is derived from a Greek word Adamas. It means indestructible and unconquerable. The ancient people believe that a diamond can increase courage, strength and invincibility.

Diamond Facts 2: Mining

We all know that diamond is the precious thing on earth.  You do not have to wonder if it is sold in mind blowing price.  The miners have to dig 250 tons of earth to find a single one carat diamond.

Diamond Facts 3: Austria

Diamond can show love to the beloved one. People begin to raise their consciousness to give a diamond for a woman when an Archduke of Austria gave to Mary of Burgundy a diamond in 1477.

Diamond Facts 4: Strong Diamond

Even though diamond is considered as a beautiful piece on earth, it is the harvest natural substance.

diamond facts

diamond facts

Diamond Facts 5: America

The people in America are consumptive about diamond. Based on the US account, the American people buy more than 50 percent of the total gem quality diamonds in the world.

Diamond Facts 6: Color of Diamond

Diamond can be found in various colors. The most popular one is colorless. But you can choose other interesting colors of diamond in green, blue, pink, black, orange, red and brown.

Diavik Diamond Mine

Diavik Diamond Mine

Diamond Facts 7: The Largest Diamond

The largest diamond ever found on earth has the weight of 3106 carats. It was found on Cullinan.

Diamond Facts 8: Crater of Diamonds State Park

Crater of Diamonds State Park is located in Arkansas. This mine is open for public. You can come here and enjoy becoming a digger. The dig for free operation makes people love to visit the place for a recreation and picnic.

Perfect Diamond

Perfect Diamond

Diamond Facts 9: Diamond in Arkansas

Crater of Diamonds State Park is considered is the famous mining operation in Arkansas. Since 1906, there are 70,000 diamonds found in the mine. The biggest one is called Uncle Sam Diamond with the weight of 40.23 carats.

Diamond Facts 10: Diamond Myths

In ancient cultures, there are many myths about diamond. The Romans believed that a diamond can protect them from the evil. Thus, they wore a diamond as talismans. The traditional hiduism tells you to get rid from the diamond with flaw for it can bring bad luck.

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

Wearing a diamond ring can make you proud for it is considered as the precious gemstones.  The people who were born in April can use diamond as their birthstone. You can wear it to increase your luck. Have you realized the importance of facts about diamond above?

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