10 Interesting Marshall Islands Facts

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Those who are interested to find out the history of one of the oldest islands in the world need to check Marshall Islands facts.  During the second millennium BC, the people who lived in Marshall Islands were called the sea travelers. Here are facts about Marshall Islands for you:

Marshall Islands Facts 1: atolls

One of the interesting features that you can enjoy when you visit Marshall Islands is the atolls. There are at least 29 atolls that you can find on the two archipelagic chains.

Marshall Islands Facts 2: chains

The chains that you can find making up Marshall Islands are the Ralik Chain and Ratak Chain. Ralin means sunset, while Ratak means sunrise.

Marshall Islands Facts

Marshall Islands Facts

Marshall Islands Facts 3: jepilpilin ke ejukaan

Jepilpilin ke ejukaan is the motto of Marshall Islands. Can you guess the meaning of this motto? It means “accomplishment through joint effort.”

Marshall Islands Facts 4: the capital of the country

The capital of Marshall Island is made up from three main islands called DUD or Dulap-Uliga-Djarrit. Elugelab is an extinct island because it was used as a hydrogen bomb test site by US Armed Force in 1952.  The island was blown up.

Marshall Islands Image

Marshall Islands Image

Marshall Islands Facts 5: height

Let’s talk about the height of the island. In average, it is located 7 feet above the sea elevation.

Marshall Islands Facts 6: population

Marshall Islands is the home of 59,000 people. The capital city is called Majuro. It is occupied by 25,000 people.

Marshall Islands Map

Marshall Islands Map

Marshall Islands Facts 7: Copra

Marshallese economy is supported by Copra. It is a dried coconut meat. Other types of industries in the country include wood, shells, pearls, tourism, fish and crafted items. Talking about the agriculture, it produces coconuts, melon, pigs, taro and tomatoes.

Marshall Islands Facts 8: Polynesian rat

Polynesian rat is the only indigenous land mammal that you can find in Marshall Islands.

Marshall Islands Pic

Marshall Islands Pic

Marshall Islands Facts 9: languages

There are several languages spoken by the people in Marshal Islands such as Japanese, English and Marshallese. Most people in the country embrace Protestant. Check Japanese culture facts here

Marshall Islands Facts 10: literacy rate

The literacy rate of this country is very high. It is around 94 percent.

Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

Talking about the life expectancy of the people, it lies on 68 years old. Are you fascinated with facts about Marshall Islands?

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