10 Interesting the Florida Panther Facts

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Let me explain about Puma concolor on The Florida Panther Facts. This animal can be seen living in Florida, United States. They prefer the swamps and forests as the habitat.  Florida panther is included as a subspecies of cougar. It receives the status as an endangered animal. People often call Florida panther simply as puma, mountain lion, cougar or catamount. However, it is called simply panther by the people who live in Florida, United States. Check other interesting facts about Florida panther below:

The Florida Panther Facts 1: the habitat of Florida panther

If you are interested to spot the presence of Florida panther, you can go to Florida. They can be found in the swamp forest, hardwood hammock and pinelands.

The Florida Panther Facts 2: the national parks and conservations

Florida panther can be found living inside the national parks and conservations. You can visit Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, Everglades National Park or Big Cypress Nation Preserve to spot the Florida panther.

The Florida Panther Facts

The Florida Panther Facts

The Florida Panther Facts 3: the weight

Do you know that the male Florida panther can reach the weight at 73 kilogram or 160 pounds?

The Florida Panther Facts 4: the population of Florida panther in 1970

The people estimated that 20 Florida panthers could be found in the wild life in 1970s. In 2011, the people believed that the number of Florida panther was enhanced around 100 to 160 individuals. The report in 2013 stated that the population of Florida panther was only 160 individuals.

The Florida Panther Images

The Florida Panther Images

The Florida Panther Facts 5: the state animal

The state animal of Florida is Florida panther. This animal was selected in 1982.

The Florida Panther Facts 6: the color

After it was delivered, you can find spots on the body of Florida panther. The coat turns into tan tone and the spots soon disappear. At first, the eyes are blue. They will turn into yellow.

The Florida Panther Pic

The Florida Panther Pic

The Florida Panther Facts 7: the sound

The sound produced by Florida panther is unique for it can purr, hiss, growl, chirp, and whistle. However, the ability of Florida panther to roar is very limited.

The Florida Panther Facts 8: the body comparison

If you compare cougars and Florida panther, the former ones have bigger body. But cougars from the neotropics are smaller than Florida panthers. Check dodo bird facts here.

The Florida Panther

The Florida Panther

The Florida Panther Facts 9: the female Florida panthers

The female Florida panthers can reach the weight around 64 to 100 lb. On the other hand; the male counterpart has the weight around 100 to 159 lb.

The Florida Panther Facts 10: protection

Florida panthers are a protected animal. The United State Fish and Wildlife Service put it in the list of endangered animals. Look at facts about the Dugong here.

The Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers

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