10 Interesting Platypus Facts

Tuesday, October 15th 2013. | Animals

Platypus facts identify more features for the warm blooded animal with the scientific name of Ormithorhynchus anatinus. Platypus is a mammal even though it lays the eggs. You cannot find any visible webbed feet and ears when scrutinizing platypus. The body of this animal is covered by a fine fur. It can keep the body from coldness. The animal will be warm all of the time.

Platypus Facts 1: Tail

This water animal has a tail. The function of this tail is not only used as a stabilizer when it swims on the water but also fat storage. The experts state that the 50 percent fat of Platypus is stored on its tail.

Platypus Facts 2: Habitat

If you want to meet platypus, you can go to the freshwater.  You can see them on the lakes or streams. They usually make a burrow with two entrances. The burrow can be found under the tree roots, entrance of the river or lake.



Platypus Facts 3: Burrows

The burrows of platypus come in two types.  The first one is used for camping, while the second one is for nesting. The camp burrow usually comes in the length 3 to 13 feet. Platypus will spend 17 hours to rest inside the camping burrow.

Platypus Facts 4: Diet

Platypus likes to eat freshwater invertebrate. Some of them include pea shell mussels, worms, and shrimps. If they find not invertebrate, they will hunt fish eggs, aquatic insects and frogs. To locate the prey, platypus will use the bills. They will come up at night to begin the hunting activity.

Platypus Facts

Platypus Facts

Platypus Facts 5: Predators

There are some animals which like to hunt platypus. Some of them include foxes, wolves, eagles, cod and hawks.  When platypuses are in the burrow, they are susceptible to some predators such as goannas, carpet python and Australian water rats.

Platypus Facts 6: Protection

To keep the predator away from the burrow, platypus will use vegetation to cover it. Sometimes the adult’s platypus has more than one burrow to stay safe from any predators.

platypus pics

platypus pics

Platypus Facts 7: Weights

Most platypuses have the length around 1.3 to 1.6 feet. The weight of these animals is round 2.2 to 3.3 pounds. The food will be stores on the cheek punches.

Platypus 8: Female Platypus

The female platypuses do not have any nipple. They can produce milk from the two rounds patches. You can see them on the belly.

Platypus swimming

Platypus swimming

Platypus Facts 9: Platypus Bill

Platypus bill is very important to locate the food because it contains many receptors.  The bills are flexible and rubbery.

Platypus Facts 10: Venom

You need to be careful when seeing the male platypus.  On the hind ankles, it has a sharp hollow spur which can kill human being or even animal. It is venomous.



Platypus is mammal. The animal can generate 1 to 3 leathery eggs. When platypus swims on the water, the nose, ears and eyes were shut. Do you have any comment on facts about platypus?

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