10 Interesting Animal Testing Facts

Friday, October 25th 2013. | Animals

Look at the animal testing facts below if you are a pet lover.  Animal is always the main subject when a scientist wants to test a new drug or treatment. They usually use a white rat. There is no need to wonder when you find that more than 100 million animals have been used by US for their experiment. The animal will be poisoned, burned and crippled. See the complete facts about animal testing below:

Animal Testing Facts 1:Experimental Drug

Sometimes the drugs which have been tested by human being on the animal fail to work on human being because it creates a dangerous effect.

Animal Testing Facts 2:Pet

Some animals used by the scientists to make an experiment are loved by human being. There are some children who love to have a white rat as a pet.

Animal Testing

Animal Testing

Animal Testing Facts 3:Animal Experimentation

The main animals that people like to use in a test include bird rats, mice, amphibians, and reptiles.

Animal Testing Facts 4: Animal Activists

There are many animal activists who concern with the usage of animals in experimental testing.  People urge the scientists not to use animal in their program.

Animal Testing Facts

Animal Testing Facts

Animal Testing Facts 5:General Illness

It needs months for the scientists to find out the general illness. They will use the repeated force feeding strategies when conducing the animal testing.

Animal Testing Facts 6:Chemical Test

The chemical test is conducted on an animal by shaving and rubbing the skin and place the chemical around it. It can cause skin and eye irritation when the experimentation occurs.

Animal Testing for Frog

Animal Testing for Frog

Animal Testing Facts 7:Cosmetic

Do you know that most cosmetics in the stores are tested on some animals? They can be tested in pigs, birds, mice, rabbits and mice.

Animal Testing Facts 8:Carcinogen Experiment

The carcinogen experiment is applied by the scientist in a lab by giving the animals the certain substance each day for about two until three years. Sometimes the scientists use this experiment on a pregnant animal to find the reaction on its fetuses and mother.

Animal Testing Rabbit

Animal Testing Rabbit

Animal Testing Facts 9:Lethal Dose

The lethal dose of a certain drug or chemical is determined by forcing the animal to drink certain amount of chemical until dies.

Animal Testing Facts 10:Products

There are some daily products that we use as a result of animal experimentation. It can be pesticide, eye shadow, lipstick, detergent, perfume and many more.

Animal Testing Shelter

Animal Testing Shelter

The animal activists hate with animal testing because they really love animal. They the scientists apply the experiment by crippling, killing, and torturing the animals. Probably the animal testing should be applied wisely so that the animals are not tortured.  You can add comment on facts about animal testing here.

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