10 Interesting Guadeloupe Facts

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If you are interested to learn about Guadeloupe facts, you can see the following post below. Guadeloupe is wonderful region that you can visit with your family if you want a tropical gateway. The island in the Guadeloupe is wonderful. Find out more about it in this article:

Guadeloupe Facts 1: island

There are nine island located in Guadeloupe. Therefore, it is called as an archipelago.  The people living here is around 400,000.

Guadeloupe Facts 2: location

People find out that Guadeloupe is an overseas region of France. The exact location of this island is in the Caribbean island. Guadeloupe is bordered by Dominica in the south and Antigua and Barbuda in the north.

Guadeloupe Beach

Guadeloupe Beach

Guadeloupe Facts 3: name

The name of the island of Guadeloupe was taken from the Spanish monastery. It was named by Columbus after he discovered the island in 1493.

Guadeloupe Facts 4: Pointe-a-Pitre

Pointe-a-Pitre is the largest city in Guadeloupe.  It is the home to more than 133,000 people. Other biggest cities include Le Moule, Basse-Terre, Petit Bourg and Sainte-Anne.

Guadeloupe facts

Guadeloupe facts

Guadeloupe Facts 5; language

There are various languages used by the local people to communicate. They use English, Antillean Creole and French.

Guadeloupe Facts 6: La Soufriere

Guadeloupe is a home to the active volcano. It is called La Soufriere.  The location of this volcano is on the Basse Terre.

Guadeloupe Pic

Guadeloupe Pic

Guadeloupe Facts 7: Euro

You will be surprised to know that the currency used in the country is Euro, EUR.

Guadeloupe Facts 8: Karukera

The nickname of Guadeloupe is Karukera. It means the Island of beautiful water. When you come in Guadeloupe, you will be impressed with sparkling water on the beaches of Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe View

Guadeloupe View

Guadeloupe Facts 9: vacation

Each year, there are 400,000 people visit Guadeloupe to enjoy the wonderful scenery. Most of them come from Paris, Montreal or even Miami.

Guadeloupe Facts 10: agriculture

The agricultural industry in Guadeloupe can produce jackfruit, eggplant, bananas, sugar cane, gourd, pomegranate and cocoa.



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