10 Interesting Black Bears Facts

Friday, November 22nd 2013. | Animals

The black bears facts are explained in the following post below. When people study about animals, they should never leave black bears. This animal is smallest one from all three bears. This species can be seen spreading around the North America.

Black Bears Facts 1: nature

Let’s talk about the nature of black bears for the first time. These animals are equipped with non retractable claws. They enable the animals to climb many branches of trees.

Black Bears Facts 2: black bear fur

You can see a uniform color on most black bears. But you can find them in brown muzzle. It looks nice with light marking that you can find on the chests.

Black Bear in US

Black Bear in US

Black Bears Facts 3: eastern black bear population

You can see that most black bears located in eastern side come in black color.

Black Bears Facts 4: western population of black bears

The black bears that you see in western area come in different fur. They usually come in bold, cinnamon or even brown combos.

Black Bear

Black Bear

Black Bears Facts 5: Kermode

Kermode is also well known with the name glacier. These black bears have unique colors. It usually comes in white bluish fur. You can find them living in coastal British Columbia, Canada.

Black Bears Facts 6: Diet

American black bears are included as an omnivorous animal. It means that they eat anything. They will hunt salmon, fruits, insects, plants, small mammals, deer, moose honey and carrion.

Black Bears Cubs

Black Bears Cubs

Black Bears Facts 7: population

Let’s find out the population of black bears. The northern American black bears come in the population around 600,000 individuals.

Black Bears Facts 8: The population of black bears in US

Can you tell me the population of black bears in United States? It is estimated that there are 300,000 black bears in the country.

Black Bears Facts

Black Bears Facts

Black Bears Facts 9: unique black bears

The unique black bears include Florida black bear and Louisiana black bear. The Florida black bears include 3,000 individuals. The Louisiana black bears are in the threatened status.

Black Bears Facts 10: behavior

The last thing to talk about is the behavior of black bears. You can find them living in various habitats due to their adaptable behavior.

Black Bears

Black Bears

Seeing black bears in closer look will be a memorable experience for you. You will know that this bear is cute and funny even though most of them have big size. What do you think on facts about black bears?

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