10 Interesting Crow Facts

Friday, December 20th 2013. | Animals

Crow facts explain the information about an animal that you can find all over the world. You can find the oldest fossil of this animal in Europe. It has the age of 20 to 25 million years ago. Get the interesting facts about the animals here.

Crow Facts 1: species of crows

Crows have forty five species around the world.  There are many names attached to the crows. Some of them include the pica pica, choughs, bushpies, treepies, nutcracker and corbies.

Crow Facts 2: Mating crows

It seems that crows are included as a faithful animal.  The male will stay for years with the female crows. Sometimes they will separate if one of them is dead.

american Crow

american Crow

Crow Facts 3: Corvids

You can find the fearless corvids when they pursue the golden or bald eagles. The animals are powerful enough as a predator. They can drop the sticks, pinecones or even stones on the predators.

Crow Facts 4: life span

Most crows can live around 7 years. When they exist in a wild area, they can live for around 14 years. Look at the cute bird in hummingbird facts.

Crow facts

Crow facts

Crow Facts 5: using tools

The experts observe that all corvids are capable of using tools. The animal which can speak the basic human language if you teach them is the Raven.

Crow Facts 6: emotional animal

You can say that a crow is an emotional animal. It will use vocalizing sound as a reaction to invasion and hunger. Sometimes it often displays the energetic sound to present sadness, anger and happiness. The bird of prey is explained here.



Crow Facts 7: melodious song

If the song is very melodious, it can make you calm. You will be relaxing. One animal possessing the deep repertoire of melodies is crown. To create relaxing feeling, human sometimes teaches some crows to recite opera.

Crow Facts 8: memory

The memory of a crow is very wonderful.  It can memorize the place where it gathers and stores the food.



Crow Facts 9: brain size

The brain size of a crown is very big. You can compare it the brain size of a chimpanzee. You can say that the animal possesses the largest brain of all birds.

Crow Facts 10: modified crows

There are several modified crows that you need to know. Some of them include nutcrackers, chough and magpies.

Pied crow

Pied crow

Some species of crowns abundant in the world include Jackdaws, ravens and rooks. The southern America and Central America can only be reached by Jays. Are you satisfied with facts about crow?

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