10 Interesting Giant Squid Facts

Thursday, August 8th 2013. | Animals

Giant squid facts bring more information about one of the interesting underwater animals in the world. Squid is a small animal that you can see spreading around the sea. There are myriads of squids living in the Atlantic coast of North America. You can watch them if you want to.

Giant Squid Facts 1: Close Relation with Giant Squid

Squid is included as a mollusk. However, the animals are different other mollusks in term of the outer body. The giant squid has a soft outer body with an inner shell, while other mollusks have hard outer shells. Cuttlefish and octopuses are the close relation of giant squid. Read chicken facts to know the land animal.

Giant Squid Facts 2: Physical Appearance

You can differentiate giant squids with other animals by looking at their physical appearance.  They have eight arms with sucker. The large brain is covered with a large head or mantle. They also have two hearts, two eyes, a beak, a large head and two longer feeding tentacles.

Giant Squid fact

Giant Squid fact

Giant Squid Facts 3: Tentacles

Just like octopuses, giant squids have a pair of tentacles with six arms. Look at rottweiler facts to know the animal which does not have a tentacle.

Giant Squid Facts 4: Invertebrate

Giant squid is included as invertebrate. It means that the animal does not have any backbone. In the center of their arm, you can find the mouth. It is surrounded by body and short tongue.

Giant Squid facts

Giant Squid facts

Giant Squid Facts 5: Length of Giant Squid

Just like its name, giant squid is big and large. The length of this animal can reach 60 feet. The tentacle’s length is around 35 feet with the weight at 1000 pounds. They can be found living in deep ocean water.

Giant Squid Facts 6: Squid Weight

There are many species of squid in the world. It is estimated that the animal has 300 species. The weight is counted around 1000 lbs. with the length around 24 to 40 feet.

Giant Squid

Giant Squid

Giant Squid Facts 7: Diet

Giant squids like living in the ocean.  They are the carnivorous animals. They like eating crustaceans and fish.

Giant Squid Facts 8: Predators

Whales and sharks are the common predators of giant squids

Giant Squids

Giant Squids

Giant Squid Facts 9: Mating

When a female and male squid mate, they will both die. The life span of the animals is not long. They can only live for about a year.

Giant Squid Facts 10: 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

20,000 Leagues under the Sea is a book written by Jules Verne. This book tells people about the massive creature in ancient myth, Giant Squid. This squid is depicted by many legends in various countries.



The species of squid is not only a giant squid. You can see vampire squid and colossal squid. You can see many northern squids located on the Northern New England and Southern New England. If you go to Virginia and Massachusetts, you can see the southern squid. Do you have any comment on facts about giant squid?

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