10 Interesting Macaw Facts

Thursday, July 25th 2013. | Animals

Macaw facts serve you the very best information before you purchase a macaw parrot as your pet. This animal can be a great alternative if you want to have a new pet at home. If you tired with the running cats and dogs, a macaw at home is nice. You can enjoy the beauty of this animal all day long because it comes with colorful and beautiful look. Here are the facts about macaw to know:

Macaw Facts 1: Origin of Macaw

Macaw can be seen living in many residential houses as a pet. Do you know the origin of this animal? Macaw actually is native to South and Central America. It likes living in jungles and forests.

Macaw Facts 2: Powerful Macaw

I think macaws are not only cute but also powerful. If they want to carry the seeds or nuts, they only have to use the powerful and large beaks. Now I realize why macaws like to eat nuts.

Macaw Fact

Macaw Fact

Macaw Facts 3: Special Toes

Macaws have a unique feature on their toes. You can see that the toes are equipped with special grips. They are very important when they want to latch on the branches or twigs of trees. Without these special grips, it will be hard for the animal to hold on something like branches and twigs.

Macaw Facts 4: Social Birds

Macaws are not individual birds which live alone. These animals like to socialize with other birds. That’s why they are called as special bird? You can see that a flock of macaws can consist from 10 up to 30 birds.

Macaw Flight

Macaw Flight

Macaw Facts 5: Human Speech

If you want to have a unique macaw as a pet at home, purchase the one which can imitate the human speech. Thus, you can teach macaws with different words. You can teach the animals to greet people.

Macaw Facts 6: Species of Macaws

There are 17 species of macaws. Macaws are no abundant on earth because some species of macaws are in critical danger.Another interesting bird is seen on Blue Jay facts.

Macaw FLock

Macaw FLock

Macaw Facts 7: Endangered Animal

Some species of macaws are enlisted as endangered animals. They include the blue-throated macaws, red-fronted macaws, and hyacinth macaws.

Macaw Facts 8: Glaucus Macaw

Many experts believe that glaucus macaws have been extinct in the wild area. This animal is still preserve in captivity.



Macaw Facts 9: Mating

Macaw will mate of life. If you want to know another flying animal, read bee facts.

Macaw Facts 10: Tongue with Bone

When you see the tongue of macaws, you will know that the dry scaly tongue has a bone. It is great when they want to eat seed, fruit or nuts.

Macaw Facts

Macaw Facts

You can purchase an expensive macaw to look after a unique pet at home. It comes in various colors such as red, green or blue. After reading on facts about macaw, are you interested to have it as a pet?

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