10 Interesting Leopard Seal Facts

Wednesday, June 11th 2014. | Animals

Leopard Seal facts inform you with the second largest special of seal. The first largest seal is the southern elephant seal. The scientific name of leopard seal is Hydrurga leptonyx. You can find them living in Antarctic. Let me show you the detail facts about leopard seal below:

Leopard Seal Facts 1: habitat

It is very common to spot the leopard seals in the cost of Antarctica and southern hemisphere. But there is no need to wonder if you can find leopard seal in Atlantic coast of South America, Tasmania, coasts of southern Australia, Tierra del Fuego, New Zealand, South Africa, Cook Islands, and Lord Howe Island.

Leopard Seal Facts 2: diet

Leopard seal is considered as one of the most aggressive predators. They hunt krill, fish, penguins, and other seals. The only natural predator of leopard seal is Killer Whales. Learn more about krill facts here.

Leopard Seal Facts

Leopard Seal Facts

Leopard Seal Facts 3: life span

Leopard seal is expected to live for 26 years.

Leopard Seal Facts 4: family

Leopard seal is included in the family of Phocidae. It comes in the genus of Hydrurga. The animal included in this genus is only leopard seal.

Leopard Seal Image

Leopard Seal Image

Leopard Seal Facts 5: physical appearance

Let’s find out the physical appearance of leopard seal. The body is muscular, athletic and large. The stomach is in the color of light grey with dark great back. The seal is called as leopard seal because of the white throats which has black spots.

Leopard Seal Facts 6: weight

The weight of the males is smaller than the weight of the female. In average, the weight of the leopard seal is around 200 to 600 kg. The length is about 2.4 m to 3.5 m.

Leopard Seal Pic

Leopard Seal Pic

Leopard Seal Facts 7: the front teeth

Leopard seal is a carnivore. The animals have sharp teeth which can be used to ripe the prey.

Leopard Seal Facts 8: the summer months

Leopard seal spends most of the summer time in the water.  They will hunt for pack of ice in the Antarctic.  Most leopard seals like to swim in cold waters.

Leopard Seal Underwater

Leopard Seal Underwater

Leopard Seal Facts 9: solitary creature

Leopard seal is a solitary animal.  When the mating season comes, the leopard seals will gather in a small group.

Leopard Seal Facts 10: the winter season

During the winter season, you can find some leopard seals in Cook Island, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and southern coast of Argentine.

Leopard Seal

Leopard Seal

You can hear some leopard seals make growling and grunting noise even though the animals are not vocal. Do you have any suggestion on facts about leopard seal?

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