10 Interesting Scorpion Facts

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Let me show you one of the venomous animals in the world in Scorpion Facts. This animal is included in the class Arachnida and order Scorpiones.  This predatory arthropod animal has 8 legs.  The venom of scorpion can be deadly to human being if you are bitten. You have to be careful with venomous stringer located at the back of the segmented tail. Here are other interesting facts about scorpion for you:

Scorpion Facts 1: the place of living

You can find scorpion in various parts of the world. But you will never spot it in Antarctica. The evolution of scorpions was dated back around 430 million years ago in Silurian era.  Therefore, they can adapt well in various environmental conditions.

Scorpion Facts 2: the size

In average, Scorpion has the size around 9 mm to 20 cm. Typhlochactas mitchelli is the example of scorpion in 9 mm. Hadogenes troglodytes has the size at 20 cm.

Facts about Scorpion

Facts about Scorpion

Scorpion Facts 3: the species

There are around 1750 species which have been described by the scientists. Until this present day, there are around 13 families of scorpion recognized.  As I have stated before, scorpions are venomous animals. The report finds out that 25 species of scorpions can kill human with their venom.

Scorpion Facts 4: the introduction of scorpion

The scorpions that you can find in New Zealand, some islands in Oceania and Great Britain are not naturally occurred. They were introduced through the commerce and trade by other people to the countries.

Scorpion Facts

Scorpion Facts

Scorpion Facts 5: the habitat

Scorpions can be found living in intertidal zones, caves, high mountains, high elevation taiga, tundra, rocks, trees, and sands. Learn desert facts here.

Scorpion Facts 6: Baja California

Baja California is also considered as a home for scorpions. You can find the animals in various parts of the town. One of them is Vaejovis janssi. The scorpion which lives in litoral zone of shore is Euscorpius carpathicus.

Scorpion Pic

Scorpion Pic

Scorpion Facts 7: the body of scorpion

There are two parts in the body of scorpions. Both are the abdomen/ opisthosoma and head or cephalothorax.

Scorpion Facts 8: cephalothorax

Cephalothorax consists of four pairs of walking legs, mouth parts, carapace, eyes, and claws.

Scorpion Venom

Scorpion Venom

Scorpion Facts 9: the abdomen

The abdomen consists of post abdomen, preabdomen and broad anterior.

Scorpion Facts 10: the temperature

Scorpions like to live in the area with the temperature around 68 degrees F to 99 degree F. But some of them can survive even though they have to live on the hot desert or freezing regions.



Are you impressed after reading facts about scorpions?

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