10 Interesting Pukeko Facts

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Pukeko Facts present the detail information about a unique animal named from the Maori language. Pukeko is the common name of the purple sawmphen that you can find in New Zealand. But you can also call it Porphyrio porphyrio. Porphyrio porphyrio melanotus is the subspecies of Pukeko. Find out more facts about Pukeko in the following post:

Pukeko Facts 1: Porphyrio porphyrio melanotus

As I have stated before, Porphyrio porphyrio melanotus is the subspecies of Pukeko.  Besides finding the animal, it can be seen in other parts of Australasian such as Aru and Kai Islands, eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Moluccas and Australia.

Pukeko Facts 2: New Zealand

If you want to know Pukeko, you just have to go to Chatham and Kermadec Islands.

Pukeko Bird

Pukeko Bird

Pukeko Facts 3: the bird in New Zealand

Pukeko has lived in New Zealand since 1000 years ago. Some researchers also believe that the birds spread to New Guinea from Australia.  They think that they were in New Zealand before human beings were here. Get facts about mockingbirds here.

Pukeko Facts 4: the size

If you compare Pukeko with the birds in Australia, it is bigger. When the birds feel threatened, they will not fly, but they will decide to walk away. Pukeko often has clumsy flight. Therefore, they choose to walk away.

Pukeko Facts

Pukeko Facts

Pukeko Facts 5: Takahe

Another close relation of Pukeko is Takahe. Compared to Pukeko, it is 3 times bigger. The weight is around 3 kilogram.

Pukeko Facts 6: the life of pukoke

Pukeko lives in a group. Each group contains 3 until 12 pukokes. They live in a group to protect their nest. If the Australasian harriers want to attack their nest and they lose, they decide to leave the nest. Get facts about kiwi birds here.

Pukeko Nest

Pukeko Nest

Pukeko Facts 7: the Maori people

The Maori people place pukeko in high esteem. The red color of the bird is linked as a symbol of power and nobility for the Maori people.

Pukeko Facts 8: protection

Pukeko is a protected animal.  The people can only hunt the bird if they have license.



Pukeko Facts 9: hiding time

Pukeko will stay at the nest at the end of the winter and the beginning of fall season. Their nest usually is located in the middle of a raupo. It is kept in a hidden place.

Pukeko Facts 10: breeding

The breeding of pukeko is very high in September and December. Most of their eggs are laid down in August and February.

Facts about Pukeko

Facts about Pukeko

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