10 Interesting Whale Shark Facts

Thursday, September 19th 2013. | Animals

Whale shark facts present the information about the one of the biggest underwater animals. When you hear the word shark on the beach, you will be afraid that the shark will eat you. Many people avoid the sharks when they are swimming. However this whale shark is docile and harmless. Many people want swim along with the whale shark. Here are the full facts about whale sharks:

Whale Shark Facts 1: Galapagos Island

Galapagos Island is famous with the diversity of underwater animals. The people who come in Galapagos Island want to raise the opportunity to see whale shark. See another animal in humpback whale facts.

Whale Shark Facts 2: Length of the Whale Sharks

Whale shark is considered as the largest fish. It can grow with the length around 40 feet or 12.65 meters. The weight can reach 66,000 lbs.

Whale Shark Eats

Whale Shark Eats

Whale Shark Facts 3: Diet

The main food that the whale sharks like to eat is plankton. Find narwhal facts here.

Whale Shark Facts 4: Filter Feeder

Whale sharks are filter feeder. What they will do is opening the mouth and pushes the air through the gills. The water and food around them will be swallowed in the mouth. It has the ability to reach the food in 3 mm radius.

Whale Shark Mouth

Whale Shark Mouth

Whale Shark Facts 5: Habitat

It is not easy to see whale sharks in the ocean. They like living in warm and Tropical Ocean.

Whale Shark Facts 6: Life Span

The life span of the animal is around 70 years. The sexuality is mature when it reaches 30 years old.

Whale Shark Swims

Whale Shark Swims

Whale Shark Facts 7: Stripes

If you want to know the shark whale, you need to see the stripes. The animal has the white and pale yellow stripes and dots along the body. They come in checker pattern. You can see them with gray back.

Whale Shark Facts 8: Docile Animal

It is okay to swim and dive with whale shark. The animal has the docile nature. It is friendly and can be seen swimming along the diver on the ocean or beach. They like living in an open water. Whale sharks usually live alone. It is very rare to see them in a group of whale shark.

Whale Shark

Whale Shark

Whale Shark Facts 9: Slow Swimmers

The whale sharks can only swim in low movement. The speed for the animals when swimming is only 3 mph.

Whale Shark Facts 10: Thickness

Whale shark is very thick. It has the thickness at 10 cm or 4 inches.

Big Whale Shark

Big Whale Shark

When you look at the mouth of whale shark, you know that this animal has a big mouth. It can open the mouth up to the width of 4.9 feet or 1.5 meters. The mouth has 30 rows of teeth and 10 filter pads. The animal gives birth to live young. Do you want to comment on facts about whale shark?

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