10 Interesting Japanese Food Facts

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014. | Food

If you like to taste different kinds of food in the world, you need to look at Japanese food facts. Japanese food is amazing.  If you love to have nutritious food, the Japanese food is the answer. You can choose sushi, teriyaki or even sashimi. Here are the interesting facts about Japanese food.

Japanese Food Facts 1: Japanese cuisine

Most Japanese cuisines are created from the combination of fish, veggies, meat and rice. The presentation and quality of the food are the main concern. There is no need to wonder if Japanese people like to complain when the food is in low quality.

Japanese Food Facts 2: raw food

The main characteristic of Japanese food can be seen from the usage of raw food.  If you order sushi, you need to make sure that you are okay with raw fish.

Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Japanese Food Facts 3: snack

In some parts of Japan, people like to have their snacks created from dried almond and sardines.

Japanese Food Facts 4: sashimi

Sashimi is the sliced raw fish. It is usually served along with your sushi. When you visit the Japanese restaurant, you will know that the fish is kept alive. When people order sushi and sashimi, the chef will slice it to maintain the quality of the fish.

Japanese Food and Veggies

Japanese Food and Veggies

Japanese Food Facts 5: professional chef

The one who can create the sashimi is the professional chef due to the thick sliced raw fish. The knife of the chef should be sharpened every day to make sure that it can give the best quality slicing on the fish.

Japanese Food Facts 6: rice

Rice is one of the important ingredients in Japanese food. You can find the rice dishes such as Kare raise, fried rice, Donburi and kayu rice in Japanese restaurant.

Japanese Food facts

Japanese Food facts

Japanese Food Facts 7: traditional Japanese meal

The traditional Japanese meal that you can eat with your family includes vegetable, fish, meat and rice.

Japanese Food Facts 8: Ramen

The famous Japanese noodle is Ramen.  It is okay to eat this food while you are slurping it.

Japanese Food Pic

Japanese Food Pic

Japanese Food Facts 9: miso

When you eat miso, you are not allowed to slurp it. This food is good for your health because the ingredient can improve the digestion system.

Japanese Food Facts 10: sea food

If you are vegetarian, it is not easy to find out the Japanese food. Most Japanese people are in deep passion with seafood.

Japanese Foods

Japanese Foods

The most popular meat in Japan includes whale meat, octopus meat and raw horse meat. Do you have any opinion on facts about Japanese food?

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