10 Interesting Salmonella Facts

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Salmonella Facts talk about the bacteria salmonella which affect the health of human being. The infection caused by this bacterium is called Salmonellosis. In United States, it is included as one of the most frequently reported foodborne cases. If you have this infection, the main symptom that you may experience is the diarrhea disease. Find out more interesting facts about salmonella below:

Salmonella Facts 1: salmonellosis cases

Every year, there are around 42,000 salmonellosis cases reported in US.  But people estimate that the actual cases actually are around 1.2 million cases of salmonellosis.  Most of them are under the radar because they are not diagnosed and reported.

Salmonella Facts 2: the acute disease

The people who have been infected with salmonella should get a help. If they do not care, it can come in acute stage. You can die if you have the salmonellosis untreated. Every year, there are around 400 people die because of salmonellosis. Find out another disease in facts about progeria.

Salmonella Bacteria

Salmonella Bacteria

Salmonella Facts 3: the contamination

The contamination of Salmonella into human being occurs when you eat the food contaminated with feces.  The poultry, beef, milk, and eggs are the foods which can be contaminated by salmonella. But it does not mean that salmonella cannot be found in other foods. You just have to make sure that the food are clean and hygiene.

Salmonella Facts 4: the species of salmonella

The bacteria have at least 2,300 species. The most common cases of salmonellosis in United States were caused by Salmonella serotypes typhimurium and enteritidis. S. enteritidis can be found mostly in eggs and poultry, while S. typhimurium is mostly found in an animal origin food.

Salmonella Facts

Salmonella Facts

Salmonella Facts 5: Salmonella Typhimurium DT104

Salmonella Typhimurium DT104 is another type of Salmoballa.  There are various foods which contain Salmonella Typhimurium DT104.

Salmonella Facts 6: Daniel Elmer Salmon

Daniel Elmer Salmon was the American Veterinarian who discovered the bacteria.

Salmonella Image

Salmonella Image

Salmonella Facts 7: the main symptoms

Besides diarrhea, there are many other symptoms of salmonellosis that you should concern such as fever, vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. The symptoms occurr within 8 to 72 hours after the contamination occurs.

Salmonella Facts 8: the mild case

The mild case of salmonellosis does require any professional help.  Within 3-7 days, the body gets better from the infection.

Salmonella Pic

Salmonella Pic

Salmonella Facts 9: the life threatening

The pregnant women, children, and people with low immune system and fetuses who are infected with salmonellosis can be in life threatening condition. Get facts about bacteria here.

Salmonella Facts 10:’ Reiter’s syndrome

Reiter’s syndrome can occur on the people infected with salmonella. The symptoms include joint pain, urination, and eye irritation.



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