10 Interesting Eating Disorders Facts

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Eating disorders facts give you the facts about the women in the world who always concern with the thin body. It is estimated that 1000 women in American die because of the complication of anorexia nervosa.  There are 7 million women in America diagnose with eating disorder. Here are the complete facts about eating disorder.

Eating Disorders Facts 1: Age of Eating Disorder

Eating disorder can begin when the women are in teen age. It usually begins in the age of 12 years old.  It will develop when the women are in the age of 17 years old. Look at obesity facts if you want to increase the weight.

Eating Disorders Facts 2: Low Self Esteem

Most women who diagnose with anorexia have lowered self-esteem. Most of them feel inadequate with the body shape. They want more approval from other people. They always have stressful life when looking at the body even though many people admires the shape of the body.

eating disorder  and woman

eating disorder and woman

Eating Disorders Facts 3: Treatment

Eating disorder is included as metal illnesses. They people with anorexia and other forms of eating disorder should be treated to make them have a happier life. Read depression facts here.

Eating Disorders Facts 4: Medication

You are wrong if you think that anorexia should be treated with medication. It can be treated with or without medication. Most of treatments include a complication of stages which may include the family therapy of even nutritional counseling.

Eating Disorder and Weight

Eating Disorder and Weight

Eating Disorders Facts 5: Osteoporosis

Anorexia brings bad impact for the people. It may lead you to have osteoporosis. Your bones will be weaker if you rarely eat food.

Eating Disorders Facts 6: Negative Impact of Eating Disorder

Eating disorder can make people face various health problems such as the slow metabolism, low blood pressure, shrunken organs, bone mineral loss, and anemia.

eating disorder facts

eating disorder facts

Eating Disorders Facts 7: Depression

The women with eating disorder in the form of bulimia tend to face depression in her entire life. The treatment to avoid this problem includes the cognitive behavioral therapy with anti-depressant.

Eating Disorders Facts 8: Diet

When people want to avoid the anorexia and bulimia, they have to perform healthy life style. Eat the healthy food and maintain your weight well.

eating disorder

eating disorder

Eating Disorders Facts 9: Forget the Self-Image

The image is not really important. Many women need to think about their health. But in reality, women focus more on their self-image. They want to become a thin woman just to impress other people.

Eating Disorders Facts 10: Serious Health Problems

Bulimia has serious health problems. The women can experience the irregular heartbeat, kidney and brawl damage, a ruptured esophagus and tooth erosion.

eating disorders

eating disorders

If you want to avoid eating disorder, you need to improve the attention toward the body. There is no need to be thin. What you need to consider is to become a healthy person. You have to work out and enjoy healthy diet which can make your organs healthy and work well. Are you surprised with facts about eating disorder?

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