10 Interesting Prostate Cancer Facts

Sunday, December 7th 2014. | Health

Prostate Cancer Facts present the information about the disease often faced by several men in the world. In 2013, there were 238,590 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in United States. The men who die because of this cancer are 29,720 patients. Find out facts about prostate cancer here.

Prostate Cancer Facts 1: prostate cancer in the lifetime

It is estimated that 1 of 6 men in the world will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. The ethnicity with the highest rate of prostate cancer is the African American men.

Prostate Cancer Facts 2: the death

Prostate cancer is called as the second leading cause of death on men in United States. This disease can be found mostly on the older men. It can be seen in adult men too. The men in 65 or older occupy 2.3 of all diagnosed men with prostate cancer.

prostate cancer archives

prostate cancer archives

Prostate Cancer Facts 3: the close relative

If you have a close relative with prostate cancer, you have to be careful with your prostate.  The chance of having prostate cancer is 1 of 3 men if you have family or close relatives with prostate cancer. The risk is even higher if two or more relatives experience prostate cancer. For example, if your father and brother have prostate cancer, the risk to have it is 83 percent.

Prostate Cancer Facts 4: the early stage

It is not easy to detect prostate cancer since the early stage of this cancer does not present any noticeable symptoms.

prostate cancer facts

prostate cancer facts

Prostate Cancer Facts 5: PSA screening

Since the development of technology is great today, you can detect prostate cancer using PSA screening. Before the development of PSA screening, only 1 of 4 cases of early prostate cancer can be diagnosed. Learn more facts about health here.

Prostate Cancer Facts 6: effectiveness of PSA screening

The effectiveness of PSA screening is still on debate. If you want to know whether you have prostate cancer or not, you can call the doctor.

prostate cancer risk

prostate cancer risk

Prostate Cancer Facts 7: the early detection

The early detection of prostate cancer is needed if you want to live longer.  If the cancer is diagnosed in the early stage, 100 present patients can live five years after the diagnoses.

Prostate Cancer Facts 8: prostatitis

The men who have prostatitis have higher risk of developing prostate cancer. If you smoke, you also have a risk of having prostate cancer. Check out more facts about cigarette here.

prostate cancer treatment

prostate cancer treatment

Prostate Cancer Facts 9: vitamin D

You can prevent the development of prostate cancer by consuming sufficient vitamin D. This vitamin can resist to any kinds of infection on the prostate.

Prostate Cancer Facts 10: enlargement of prostate cancer

When the men are aging, the prostate is enlarged.  Therefore, some older men face difficulty to urinate.

prostate cancer

prostate cancer

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