10 Interesting Period Facts

Tuesday, October 7th 2014. | Health

If you want to know more about the cycle of menstruation, you can check Period Facts.  In our life, it is estimated that women had used 11,400 tampons. More than 70 percent of the women in the world used it. Get more facts about period of women here:

Period Facts 1: The Story of Menstruation

The Story of Menstruation is a movie about menstruation created by Walt Disney in 1946. Do you know that the movie probably was the first one which used the word vagina?

Period Facts 2: date of menstruation

Menstruation will be experienced by women each month for seven days. The experts estimate that women will spend 3,500 days for the menstruation in her life.

Period Cycle

Period Cycle

Period Facts 3: menopause

When the women stopped menstruating, it means that they are in the menopause phase. Actually there are some mammals that also face the menopause phase. Those include humpback whales and elephants.

Period Facts 4: menstruation of women

Do you know that the women who live in modern industrialized societies menstruate more than the women who live in agrarian societies? The industrialized women menstruate 450 times. On the other hand, the agrarian women only menstruate 150 times.

Period Facts

Period Facts

Period Facts 5: the term period

Since 1822, the term period was used to describe menstruation. It was used to make the repeated cycle of events or an interval of time.

Period Facts 6: smoking cigarette

If you want to increase the fertility, you have to stop smoking cigarette. The ingredients inside the cigarette can kill the women’s eggs. Therefore, many women who like smoking can stop the menstruation period prematurely.

Period Myth

Period Myth

Period Facts 7: the winter months

Many women find out that the during the winter months, they have to experience the longer and heavier menstrual bleeding. Therefore, they often face the painful effect.

Period Facts 8: the eggs

There are 7 million eggs cells of a baby when she was still inside the womb. When she was born, there are only 2 million egg cells. By the time the girl reaches her puberty, she only has 4000 egg cells. The released eggs inlcuded the body are only less than 500 eggs.

Period Pic

Period Pic

Period Facts 9: the largest cell

The largest cell inside the human body is the human female egg. Actually you can see the egg without a help of any tool. See it with your naked eyes.

Period Facts 10: irregular periods

When women face the irregular periods before they are 18 years old, it is a common experience. The body is still working on the system. Get facts about health here.



In average, women get their first period when they are 10 to 16 years old. You should see gynecologist if you have not got the menstruation at the age of 16 years old. Are you impressed with facts about period?

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