10 Interesting Opium Facts

Saturday, September 13th 2014. | Health

Get the interesting ideas by reading Opium Facts. When people smoke opium, they can enjoy the euphoria effect.  This substance is taken from the poppy.  You can find opium refined with other types of drugs such as morphine or even heroin. If you want to know more about opium, check the following post below:

Opium Facts 1: prescribed opium drugs

Using opium without any prescription is illegal.  In the medical world, opium is very important. It can be used to treat the pain.

Opium Facts 2: Chinese people

For more than centuries, the Chinese people and other people in some parts of the world have used opium for releasing the pain and surgery. It was also used in ritualistic events.

opium facts

opium facts

Opium Facts 3: Neolithic Age

The usage of opium can be traced back since the Neolithic age.

Opium Facts 4: recreational purpose

Today many people abuse opium for recreational purpose for it can make you happy and fine.  In 17th century, the Chinese people used it for recreational purpose. In the middle of 17th century, there was addiction of opium in China.

opium flowers

opium flowers

Opium Facts 5: Afghanistan

Let’s talk about the production of opium. The country which has the most production of opium is Afghanistan.  It occupies 75 percent of opium production in the world.

Opium Facts 6: addiction

You should avoid using opium illegally. This substance is very addictive. If you are addicted to opium, you have to get help by visiting the rehabilitation to cure the addiction. Some people also refine opium to make many kinds of opiates such as heroin and morphine.

opium pic

opium pic

Opium Facts 7: reducing the pain

The main function of opium in the medical world is to eliminate the pain during the surgery.  People can get 80 alkaloids from the opium poppy.

Opium Facts 8: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

You can find out the usage of opium or even the shape of poppy plants in many kinds of movies. The best depiction of a poppy plant is a movie, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Have you watched the movie? The wicked witch used the poppy plants to make Dorothy and her friends fall asleep before they arrived in Emerald City.

opium poppy

opium poppy

Opium Facts 9: Middle East

Do you know that opium originally comes from Middle East? It can be traced back in Mesopotamia circa 5,000 BC. The archeologists can trace it back in Scandinavian areas. Get facts about Middle East here.

Opium Facts 10: Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptian people also used opium. They mixed the opium with the tea for the infants to make them sleep well at night.



In 1875, the first United Law against opium was passed in San Francisco. It is used to protect the people. What do you think on facts about Opium?

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