10 Interesting Strokes Facts

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Strokes Facts tell you about the brain attack in simple word. But some people call it as CVI which stands for cerebrovascular insult or CVA which stands for cerebrovascular accident. The condition occurs when the brain has the poor blood flow which causes the death of cells. If you want to know the prevention as well as the types of stroke, check the following post below:

Strokes Facts 1: the types of stroke

There are two types of stroke to note. The hemorrhagic is caused by bleeding, while the ischemic one is caused by the lack of blood flow. Due to stroke, the brain cannot function well. Find facts about brain here.

Strokes Facts 2: the symptoms

Do you know the symptoms associated with stroke? Those include the feeling that the world is spinning around, the problem related to speaking, the inability to understand, the loss of vision and the inability of the stroke patient to feel or move the body part.

Strokes Pic

Strokes Pic

Strokes Facts 3: the presence of symptoms

After the stroke occurs, the patients can feel the presence of the symptoms. TIA stands for transient ischemic attack. This condition applies if the symptoms last less than 1 or 2 hours. Find facts about heart attacks here.

Strokes Facts 4: the severe headache

The severe headache is always linked with hemorrhagic strokes. The loss of bladder control and pneumonia are associated with the long term complications. The symptoms experienced by the people can be permanent or non permanent.



Strokes Facts 5: the primary risk factor

The high blood pressure is considered as the primary risk factor of stroke. The diabetes mellitus, high blood cholesterol, tobacco smoking, atrial fibrillation, obesity and previous TIA are the other risk factors.

Strokes Facts 6: the main cause of ischemic stroke

The blockage of a blood vessel is the main cause of the occurrence of an ischemic stroke.

Stroke Pic

Stroke Pic

Strokes Facts 7: the hemorrhagic stroke

Bleeding is the main cause of hemorrhagic stroke. The bleeding can be seen on the area surrounding the brain or on the brain. The brain aneurysm is the cause of bleeding.

Strokes Facts 8: the diagnosis

There are various ways for diagnosis conducted by the physicians. The physical examination, MRI, blood tests, electrocardiogram and CT scan are conducted.

Strokes facts

Strokes facts

Strokes Facts 9: prevention

If you want to stay away from stroke, you can do the prevention. You have to eat good diet, do exercise regularly, and have enough sleep.

Strokes Facts 10: the people with stroke

There were 17 million people who had stroke in 2010. Moreover, there were 33 million people who were still alive even though they had stroke.



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