10 Interesting Germ Facts

Monday, February 17th 2014. | Health

Find out the information about germ in germ facts. Germ is the tiny little organism which can make people sick for a long time. There is no place on earth which is free from germ. In our body, you can find millions of germs on the mouth. You can find out the surprising facts about germ in the following post below:

Germ Facts 1: mouth

If you want to know the germ in our mouth, you can do a simple research. Many scientists state that there are at least 100 different kinds of bacteria which inhabit our mouth. You can also find different kinds of parasites, fungi and viruses here.

Germ Facts 2: germ free

After a baby is born on earth, his mouth is infected by many kinds of microorganism. His or her mouth actually is sterile at the moment when he or she is born. But then the microorganism soon appears and inhabits the baby’s mouth.

Germ Cartoon

Germ Cartoon

Germ Facts 3: bacteria

It is estimated that the bacteria living in our mouth are around 10 to 50 billion bacteria. Since the bacteria are very tiny, we cannot see them with bare eyes.

Germ Facts 4: cavities

Not all of the microorganisms living in out mouth are good for our health. Most of them make out teeth broken because of cavities. As long as we do not lose the teeth, the bacteria and parasites will live here.

Germ Facts

Germ Facts

Germ Facts 5: gum problems

There are some bacteria which keep your teeth healthy and some bacteria decay your teeth. Some people infected with dangerous bacteria face the gum problem which makes your teeth decayed. What you need to do to fix this problem is by seeing the dentist.

Germ Facts 6: helpful bacteria

The helpful bacteria which make a colony in our mouth can make people enjoy a great deal of benefits. You can find that the mouth is free from any bad odor. The mouth will be sterile if it is inhabited with good bacteria.

Germ on Dog's mouth

Germ on Dog’s mouth

Germ Facts 7: oral hygiene

You are wrong if you think that the bad bacteria only hide on your teeth. They can affect your mucosa, tongue and gums. Ensure that you brush your teeth before you sleep at night.

Germ Facts 8: the fungus Candida sp

The fungus Candida sp. can be found in everyone’s mouth. But sometimes, the presence of the organism is because of the long term steroid therapy.



Germ Facts 9: kissing

When you kiss your partner, you have to be careful.    Kissing enables people to transfers bacteria.  He or she can transfer common cold, disease, hepatitis and herpes.

Germ Facts 10: Oral microbes

The microbes in our mouth are very fast to gown. It can double the number in only four to five hours. Thus, you need to brush your teeth to reduce the number.



Germ infects not only the mouth but also your hand. When you want to eat something, don’t forget to wash your hand. Do you have any opinion on facts about germ?

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