10 Interesting Roy Lichtenstein Facts

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Roy Lichtenstein Facts present the information about the American pop artist. He was born as Roy Fox Lichtenstein on 27 October 1923 and passed away on 29 September 1997. He is one of the leading figures of the new art movement along with Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol and James Rosenquist. If you check out most of his works, they represent the pop art infused with parody. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Lichtenstein by reading the below explanation:

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 1: the pop art definition

Lichtenstein had their opinion when he had to define pop art. He believed that pop art was industrial painting not an American painting.

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 2: the main inspiration

Can you tell me the inspiration of Lichtenstein when he made his works? He got it after his comic strip. He could create the parody version in his works of art.   The comic book and popular advertising influenced the ways he shaped his artistic works.

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 3: the famous work of Lichtenstein

Have you checked the famous work of Lichtenstein? You need to see Whaam! and Drowning Girlbecasue. They are considered as the most popular works. If you want to see the painting of Lichtenstein, you can to New York City and enter Leo Castelli Gallery.

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 4: the height auction price

The highest auction price of Lichtenstein was on Woman with Flowered hat. It was sold on 15th May 2013 with a hefty price. Another influential work of Lichtenstein is Look Mickey.

Roy Lichtenstein Facts

Roy Lichtenstein Facts

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 5: the early life

Lichtenstein’s father was Milton who worked as a real estate broker. His mother was a homemaker named Beatrice Werner.  Lichtenstein was raised by his upper middle class Jewish family on the Upper West Side.

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 6: the education

Until he was 20 years old, he got his education from the public school. In 1940, he graduated from New York’s Dwight School. Find out another artist in Robert Sabuda facts.

Roy Lichtenstein Gallery

Roy Lichtenstein Gallery

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 7: hobby

Actually making design and art was only his hobby when he was at school. But he soon realized that it was a part of his life.  Do you know that Lichtenstein really loved Jazz?  He liked to visit the Apollo Theater in Harlem to enjoy jazz concerts.

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 8: the portraits

His love to jazz inspired him to draw a lot of portraits of musician playing their instruments.

Roy Lichtenstein Pic

Roy Lichtenstein Pic

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 9: Allan Kaprow

Allan Kaprow was his teacher when he studied at the university. Kaprow heavily influenced the way of thinking of Lichtenstein.  He became a teacher at Rutgers University in 1960s.

Roy Lichtenstein Facts 10: the fame

He raised prominence in 1960s after he used the cartoon images to create the pop paintings. Get facts about Pop art here.

Roy Lichtenstein Comic

Roy Lichtenstein Comic

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