10 Interesting Ludwig van Beethoven Facts

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Ludwig van Beethoven facts present the fascinating facts about one of the biggest composers in the world. His work is still admired by the people until today. You can find that many students who learn in the art division like to find out more about his work of art. His symphony is still performed. He is a genius who can inspire other people to create a new sing and symphony. Find out more facts about him on the following post:

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 1: fame

Beethoven gains his fame because he was one of the greatest classical musicians and composers in the world. He was famous during the romantic era. Many people love to see him performed on stage.

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 2: date of birth

Beethoven was born on 16th December 1770 in Bonn at The River Rhine.

Ludwig van Beethoven facts

Ludwig van Beethoven facts

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 3: Beethoven House

Beethoven House can be visited nowadays.  The function of the house is as a museum.

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 4: family life

Beethoven liked music a lot. He studied the musical instrument when he was only four years old.  It seems that the blood of music flowing inside the family since his father was a singer.

Ludwig van Beethoven Hair

Ludwig van Beethoven Hair

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 5: composing music

Ludwig was great when composing music. His composition of music was firstly published when he was only 10 years old. He could do it when she was only a child. However, he was a very quiet person when he was at school. Many people found him as a shy boy.

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 6: Christian Gottlob Neefe

The teacher who gave him a lot of inspiration was Christian Gottlob Neefe.   His way to play music and instrument was greatly affected by his beloved teacher.

Ludwig van Beethoven Movie

Ludwig van Beethoven Movie

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 7: Mozart

Mozart was a great composer who lived in his era. He met Mozart when he went to Vienna. At that time, Beethoven was only 16 years old. Mozart gave some several lessons to learn.

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 8: Haydn

Haydn made Beethoven consider Vienna as his home for the rest of his life.  Both met at Bonn.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 9: Carl Czerny

The one who created and wrote a fine description of Beethoven was Carl Czerny.

Ludwig van Beethoven Facts 10: deaf composer

Beethoven is a well known composer.  Many people admire him because for his true nature. Even though he was deaf, he can compose many great symphonies after he lost his hearing sense. It was in the age of 30 years old that he lost he hearing sense.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven

Some beautiful musical works that he had created include the fifth symphony, Moonlight Sonata Op. 27 No 13, the ninth Symphony and many more. He passed away on 26th March 1827. He was 57 year old. Do you have any comment on facts about Ludwig van Beethoven?

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