10 Interesting Montezuma Facts

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Montezuma Facts elaborate the detail ideas about the ninth emperor of Aztec Empire. He was in the reign in 1502 till 1520. Montezuma was famous as a cruel emperor. Most of his reformations were created in the favor for the noble people. Let’s find out more facts about Montezuma in the post below:

Montezuma Facts 1: the destruction of Montezuma Empire

His empire was destroyed after Montezuma met his powerful match, Hernando Cortes. He met this Spaniard in 1519. Cortes used special tactics make the emperor as his hostage. His tactics were successful. Check Hernan Cortes facts here.

Montezuma Facts 2: date of birth

In 1466, Montezuma was born. He came from the famous lineage of family. Emperor Axayacatl, the Aztec emperor in 1468 to 1481 was Montezuma’s uncle.

Montezuma and Spaniard

Montezuma and Spaniard

Montezuma Facts 3: a soldier

In his early age, Montezuma was raised as a soldier. He got the education in the island capital of Tenochtitlán. People were very impressed with his ability as a soldier during his young age. Following the death of hisunlcue, he served as a warrior and a captain under other emperors.

Montezuma Facts 4: the early life

After he gained the title as a warrior and captain, he served as a ruler and leader. At that time, he was still young. When the Emperor Ahuitztol passed away in 1502, Montezuma was appointed as an official in Tolocán.

Montezuma Facts

Montezuma Facts

Montezuma Facts 5: The Aztec emperor

Montezuma was selected as the Next Aztec emperor by a council of a nobleman in 1502. He was very fortunate because he inherited a rich empire which controlled most areas in central Mexico.

Montezuma Facts 6: the big empire

It was not easy for Montezuma to control the empire with large areas. However, he was able to cut off the revolts and rebellions during his reign.

Montezuma Leader

Montezuma Leader

Montezuma Facts 7: a harsh ruler

Montezuma was called as a harsh and cruel ruler. Montezuma captured a large number of captives who rebelled in 1502 from the province Nopallan and Icpatepec. He used them in the sacrifice ritual. Moreover, they were also consumed in his coronation.

Montezuma Facts 8: a reformer

Montezuma was also called as a reformer. The commoners were displaced from the posts for he wanted the noblemen to fill those posts.

Montezuma Pictures

Montezuma Pictures

Montezuma Facts 9: supporting the nobility

Montezuma supported the mobility in his empire. All royal servants without title were eliminated from his empire. He created more jobs for the nobility.

Montezuma Facts 10: the most powerful ruler

Montezuma earned the title as the most powerful ruler in Aztec history after he was successful in various military campaigns.



He also had interested to make Mixtec and Zapotec culture under the reign of Aztec in 1505 to 1510. Do you want to share ideas on facts about Montezuma?

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