10 Interesting Henry Hudson Facts

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Another explorer in US is seen in Henry Hudson facts. This man is famous with the exploration on Hudson Bay, Hudson River and Hudson Strait. He was born in London, England in 1565. Here are the complete facts about Henry Hudson.

Henry Hudson Facts 1: Family

Henry Hudson is the grandson of Henry Hudson. This man is the one who built the Muscovy Trading Company. He was a London alderman. Hudson married to Katherine Hudson. Both had three children. They were John, Richard and Oliver.

Henry Hudson Facts 2: Smart Man

Henry Hudson is a noble man. He studied different kinds of subjects such as seamanship, mathematics, astronomy, navigation, and cartography.

Henry Hudson Facts

Henry Hudson Facts

Henry Hudson Facts 3: New World

The exploration of the new world conducted by Henry Hudson was financed by the Muscovy Trading Company. The company wanted a new route for a trade by exploring the Northwest Passage.

Henry Hudson Facts 4: First Voyage

The first voyage for Henry Hudson was conducted from Hopewell. He took 30 crew members on the voyage. They reached the Greenland.

Henry Hudson Passage

Henry Hudson Passage

Henry Hudson Facts 5: Second Voyage

The second voyage was successful because he could not find the route to reach the northest passage. The crews and he went to northern side of Russia.  This second journey was conducted in April 10, 1608.

Henry Hudson Facts 6: Dutch United East India Company

On 8 January 1609, Dutch United East India Company made Henry Hudson sign a contract because he did not get any backing from London.

Henry Hudson Ship

Henry Hudson Ship

Henry Hudson Facts 7: The Third Voyage

The third voyage of Henry Hudson was conducted on April 12, 1609. The ship was called Half Moon. It was old and small. He had the journey through Norway and Russia with 20 English and Dutch crew members. Because the water at that time was freezing, he changed the direction to get the warmer water and found the New World.

Henry Hudson Facts 8: Expedition to New World

Henry Hudson’s ship landed to Maine. He reached it by passing Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Then his continued the journey to George’s harbor. This successful expedition also reached Jamestown and Delaware Bay.

Henry Hudson Pic

Henry Hudson Pic

Henry Hudson Facts 9: Hudson River

Henry Hudson’s expedition also passed Hudson River. The river was explored in detail by Hudson since he hoped to find a passage on the Indies.

Henry Hudson Facts 10: The Fourth Voyage

The fourth voyage of Henry Hudson was from London. He passed several regions such as Iceland, Greenland and Scotland.

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson

On June 21st 1610, Henry Hudson came to Hudson Strait. Then he named the headlands in the strait with the name of the prominent members from Muscovy Company. He gave the name Cape Digges and Cape Wolstenholme. What did you think of facts about Henry Hudson?

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