10 Interesting Sea Anemone Facts

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Sea Anemone Facts talk about the animals included in the order Actiniaria.  The name of the animals is derived from the name a terrestrial flower, anemone. If you check the classification, sea anemone is included in the class Anthozoa, phylum Cnidaria and subclass Hexacorallia.  This animal is famous in the world due to their symbiotic relationship. Here are some interesting facts about sea anemone for you:

Sea Anemone Facts 1: the related animals

Since sea anemone is included in cnidarians, it has a close relation with tube dwelling anemones, corals, hydra and jellyfish.

Sea Anemone Facts 2: the sea anemone population

The population of sea anemone in the world is at stake due to the increasing number of hunting. This marine animal is beautiful to decorate aquarium. People love to it as the collection for the fish tank. Therefore, the trade of sea anemone is increased.

Sea Anemone Pictures

Sea Anemone Pictures

Sea Anemone Facts 3: the size of sea anemone

The diameter of sea anemone can reach 0.71 to 1.18 inches or 1.8 cm to 3 cm. One of the largest sea anemones comes in the size around 6.6 feet or 2 meter. The smallest one can reach 0.16 inches or 4 mm.

Sea Anemone Facts 4: the mouth

The mouth of sea anemone also functions as the anus. The location of the mouth is the center of the oral disc. There are several tentacles located around the mouth. The function is to capture or catch the prey.

Sea Anemone Pic

Sea Anemone Pic

Sea Anemone Facts 5: the harmless animals

Sea anemone is not dangerous for human being. They are included as harmless animals. However, some species of sea anemone have harmful toxin which can create injuries to human being. Get facts about Barracuda here.

Sea Anemone Facts 6: the life cycle

Let’s find out the life cycle of sea anemone. This animal is totally different with other cnidarians. In the lifecycle, it has lack of free swimming medusa stage. The polyp is derived from the planula after the egg is fertilized by sperms.

Sea Anemone Image

Sea Anemone Image

Sea Anemone Facts 7: the location

Most sea anemones decide to live in the similar location all of the time. However, they will move to another location if it is not suitable for them to live. For instance, they decide to move if the predators attack them or the location faces the prolonged dryness. To reach the new location, they use the flexing motions.

Sea Anemone Facts 8: the asexual reproduction

Binary fission and budding are included as some of the asexual reproductions of sea anemones.

Sea Anemone Facts

Sea Anemone Facts

Sea Anemone Facts 9: the food

Sea anemone is also consumed as food. It is used as delicacy in southwestern Spain and southern Italy. Get facts about barnacles here.

Sea Anemone Facts 10: the cooking process

Sea anemones are often served in a tempura like batter or even marinated inside the vinegar.

Facts about Sea Anemone

Facts about Sea Anemone

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