10 Interesting Angel Shark Facts

Sunday, April 29th 2018. | Animals

Marine life has always been interesting. The vast sea contains many mysteries. One such mystery is the Angel Shark. It is a predatory animal that has a major influence on the behavior patterns and lifespan of living creatures living in the warm ocean waters and tropical waters present in the world. Angel Shark became one of the most beautiful sea dwellers. The body of this shark is very wide and flat with the gills on the dorsal which became a real character for this shark. Sea divers should watch this shark up close. Here are interesting facts about this shark.

Fact 1: Social Behavior

This shark has a conservative social behavior and this is different from the predatory properties attached to this shark. The shark is benign and loves to feed itself.

Fact 2: Similar to Stingray

This shark is not the same as other sharks. This shark is like a stingray because it has a pectoral fin that is spread over both sides of the body and looks like an angel’s wing. Actually, physical anatomy is similar to sharks but the shark’s body becomes flat.

Australian Angel Shark

Australian Angel Shark

Fact 3: Sand Devil

This shark has very sharp teeth and this shark will use the tooth on the victim attached to the shark’s residence. Divers call this shark as Sand Devil because the shark is waiting for a week to get the right food. 

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Fact 4: Japanese Angel Sharks

Angel Shark from Japan can reach 2 meters and this is the biggest shark. These sharks serve as food.

Japanese Angel Shark

Japanese Angel Shark

Fact 5: Live In the Shallows

This shark loves the tropical oceans and shallow waters all over the world. These sharks can live in waters with depths of up to 4200 feet.

Fact 6: Migrate

These sharks will migrate to other areas and humans become the biggest enemies of this shark. This shark has slow and endangered growth.

Pacific Angelshark

Pacific Angelshark

Fact 7: Nocturnal

These sharks are nocturnal animals that hide beneath the surface of sand or mud. These sharks use bioluminescent plankton to target prey.

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Fact 8: Camouflage

This shark will use camouflage so that this shark can capture the prey. Sharks look like sand.

Angel shark camouflage

Angel shark camouflage

Fact 9: Ovoviviparous

This shark is ovoviviparous. The female shark will store the eggs in the body. The period of pregnancy for a few months and the female shark will give birth to a child of a shark with a length not more than 30 cm.

Fact 10: Unique Fins

This species also has a nose and whiskers that are near the nostrils. Parts of the body serve to feel something. The eyes of these sharks are very large with vertical pupils that can ambush the prey perfectly. The jaws of these sharks are very long because the teeth look like needles and can bolt quickly.

Angel Shark with Unique Fins

Angel Shark with Unique Fins

Angel Sharks have been the inhabitants of the oceans for millions of years and this genus has a good anatomy. This shark is the result of the evolution of sharks that live more than 400 million years. There are 15 different species of sharks known to humans. This shark has a horizontal pelvis and a pectoral fin that is used to brake and balance the body. This shark has a variety of skin colors such as greenish brown, gray-brown, and reddish brown. You can see sharks with spots on all the body. The young shark has dark patches. Do you love those interesting Angel Shark Facts? You can also consider to read other interesting facts about animal from this site.