10 Interesting Gemstone Facts

Sunday, February 9th 2014. | Jewelry

Gemstone facts give the information about the precious gemstone in the world. Gemstone is often used as a piece of jewelry. You can enjoy a sparkling look by wearing the ring, bracelet or even necklace with some gemstones. Let me show you some facts and trivia of gemstone in the following post below:

Gemstone Facts 1: Aquamarine

You are wrong if you think that gemstone is only used to make a piece of jewelry. You can have a crystal healer made from aquamarine gemstone. The dentists use it to heal the toothaches.

Gemstone Facts 2: Utah

If you visit Utah, you can see that this state has Topaz as the official gemstone.

Gemstone Colors

Gemstone Colors

Gemstone Facts 3: Garnet

One of the most beautiful gemstones is garnet. The name was taken from the Latin word. It means pomegranate. The color of this garnet reminds people with pomegranate for it comes in deep red color.

Gemstone Facts 4: Cinnabar

You have to be careful when finding a gemstone. Not all of them are safe. The extremely toxic gemstone is cinnabar. The genuine one contains red mercury. If you see the cinnabar sold in the market, it is not the genuine one. It is a man made gemstone infused with resin.

Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Facts 5: Iolite

The Vikings in the past used lolite gemstone for navigating the sea. They determined the position of the sun by using the iolite lens.

Gemstone Facts 6: pure black

The only natural stone comes in pure black color is Jet. The composition of jet includes carbonized wood and coal. This gemstone can be derived from the fossil trees. People also call jet as Black Amber.

Gemstone kunzite

Gemstone kunzite

Gemstone Facts 7: Lapis Lazuli

In the ancient Egypt, people used the gemstone called Lapis Azuli as a powder. This colorful lapis Lazuli is for decorative purpose on the eyes.

Gemstone Facts 8: Kyanite

Some high quality porcelains, spark plugs and heat resistant ceramics are created from kyanite.  This gemstone is composed from the mineral aluminum silicate.



Gemstone Facts 9: Rose Quartz

The gemstone used by the people to clean the skin complexion, reduce the weight and avoid any wrinkles is Rose Quartz. This gemstone is often used in beauty world.

Gemstone Facts 10: Moonstone

The gemstone is often associated with good fortune and success. At least, the people in India believed it.



After you read the whole facts about gemstone, you find out that not all of gemstones are used for jewelry. They are also for healing and cosmetic purposes.

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