10 Interesting Radio Facts

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Radio Facts talk about the history and development of radio.  Guglielmo Marconi is often called as the pioneer of long distance radio transmission. He was from Italy.  The wireless telegraphy is the beginning of the radio development.  Therefore, the people can access the radio without using wire. Find out other interesting facts about radio here:

Radio Facts 1: broadcasting

Broadcasting is common term today.  It is used to call the radio transmission. However, in the past, broadcasting was a term used to describe the wide scattering of seed in the agricultural world.

Radio Facts 2: James Clark Maxwell

James Clark Maxwell was the famous person who had predicted the feasibility of radio transmission and existence of radio waves in 1860s.

Radio Facts

Radio Facts

Radio Facts 3: Marconi

As I have stated before, Marconi was the famous person in the development of long distance radio transmission.  In 1901 and 1902, this man made a successful breakthrough by having the first transatlantic transmission of radio waves. Get facts about Mobile Phone here if you want to know the improved technology.

Radio Facts 4: President Roosevelt

I believe that President Roosevelt must be surprised with the advance technology of radio created by Marconi.  The president sent a radio message to Edward VII in 1903 with the help of Marconi. Find out facts about Franklin D Roosevelt here.

Radio FM

Radio FM

Radio Facts 5: radio transmission

There were many other scientists prior to Marconi who claimed to invent radio transmission. Those include Heinrich Hertz, Oliver Lodge and Nikola Tesla.

Radio Facts 6: listening a radio

It is very weird to know that people had to own a license when they wanted to listen to a radio. It really happened in United Kingdom since 1922 till 1971. The government wanted the citizens to pay 10 shilling to get a radio license.

Radio History

Radio History

Radio Facts 7: Nobel Prize

Due to his wonderful contribution to the wireless telegraphy, Marconi was awarded with a Nobel Prize in 1909. Who is Marconi actually? John Jameson who was famous as the founder of Jameson Irish Whiskey was his great grandfather.

Radio Facts 8: the first commercial radio broadcast

If you listen to the radio, there are many topics discussed here. But can you guess the first topic discussed by the first commercial radio broadcast? It was the result of election in 1920. The winners of that election were Harding and Cox.

Radio Old

Radio Old

Radio Facts 9: radiation

Radio affects our body by presenting the electromagnetic radiation.

Radio Facts 10: FM band

Maybe you never heard about Edwin Howard Armstrong. This man was the inventor of FM band of a radio.

Radio Pic

Radio Pic

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