10 Interesting Flight Facts

Monday, January 27th 2014. | Technology

Flight facts are basic to know. People understand about the concept of flying. Yet, there are some facts which any of you need to know about. I want to provide the facts here. The purpose is to make sure that the facts can really help you to learn better.

Flight Facts 1: the 11 minutes

There is a common understanding that first 3 minutes of takeoff and the 8 last minutes before landing is the most fearful time in plane. It is because there is a research about it. It is about 80% of plane crashes occurs within those minutes.

Flight Facts 2: lap child

If you bring your baby in flight, it has better to get extra seat. The purpose is for the aspect of safety. So, what is the reason behind it? Any unexpected turbulence only can cause your kids fly away. It not only can hurt your baby but other passengers. The safest method is to put the baby on CRS.

Flight  Fact

Flight Fact

Flight Facts 3: dangerous turbulence

Turbulence is common in plane. It can be worse in fact. The occurrence even can be worse as the time goes by. So, don’t forget to buckle up therefore.

Flight Facts 4: filthy plane

It is true that any plane is very filthy. It is because of the tight schedule. There is even no time to do cleaning. That’s why the plane can become the perfect place for any viruses to stay. It can be considered as germ hotbeds as well.

Flight facts

Flight facts

Flight Facts 5: sleeping pilot

A jaw-dropping fact is that some pilots often fall asleep during the flight. Some of them also admitted when they wake up, the co-pilot were also fallen asleep. It’s terrible.

Flight Facts 6: living wage of pilot

Any pilots are important to support people’s necessity for faster transportation. Yet, they often get underpaid from their job. Especially from regional airlines, the wage is low.

Flight on the ocean

Flight on the ocean

Flight Facts 7: skimping on fuel

Cost costing policy of airline gets more extreme recently. They fly the planes having lesser fuel level recommended.

Flight Facts 8:  90 seconds of burning plane

90 seconds is the time to escape the plane when any fire occurs. Therefore you need to know where the emergency exit is.



Flight Facts 9: five rows from exit

Always choose to sit within 5 rows of an exit. It can increase your survival level when the plane crashes.

Flight Facts 10: turbulence hurts

It is a fact that turbulence hurts you. To avoid injuries, you need to buckle up.



It is importance to learn facts about Flight. The purpose is to make sure that you can be more attentive when you decide to use plane to do travel.

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