10 Interesting Robert Louis Stevenson Facts

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Check one of the famous Victorian authors in Robert Louis Stevenson Facts.  This man focused his works on the adventure and mystery stories. Even though he is not with us anymore, his works are still enjoyed. Many people love to read his books. There is no need to wonder that his books are adapted in various movies.  Here are the interesting facts about Robert Louis Stevenson:

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 1: date of birth

Stevenson was born in 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was raised by his nanny named Alison Cunningham. He came from a rich family.

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 2: traveling

Since Stevenson was from a wealthy family, there is no need to wonder that he could go abroad with his nanny and parents. They visited Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and France.

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 3: the childhood time

Stevenson’s childhood time was not great since he was very sickly. He often had fevers and coughs. His body was frail and thin.

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 4: The Pentland Rising

The Pentland Rising was a story that Stevenson created based on a historical event. He made it when he was 16 years old. To make the story printed in a pamphlet form, his father paid it for 10 copies.

Robert Louis Stevenson Image

Robert Louis Stevenson Image

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 5: education

Let’s find out the education of Stevenson. He studied engineering in Edinburgh University. But he decided to switch his major into law. Even though he could pass the legal examination, he realized that he wanted to become a writer.

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 6: An Inland Voyage

An Inland Voyage was the first book of Stevenson. He made this book from a journal of his travel when he was to Belgium and France in 1876.

Robert Louis Stevenson Painting

Robert Louis Stevenson Painting

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 7: Fanny Osbourne

Fanny Osbourne was the woman that he fell in love with when he was in France. Fanny was an American woman. He travelled to America in 1879 to meet this woman. In 1880, both were married. They lived in Britain with a 12 year old son of Franny from her preceded marriage. His name was Lloyd. Get facts about Robert Frost here.

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 8: Treasure Island

Treasure Island was his book inspired from a map of an imaginary island made by Lloyd during their trip in Scotland in 1881. Due to his book, Stevenson became one of the respectable writers. It was published in 1883.

Robert Louis Stevenson Writer

Robert Louis Stevenson Writer

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 9: sickness

His life as an adult was really great for he had to suffer health problem. It made him stay in bed. The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Kidnapped were written in 1886. Get another figure in Robert Delaunay facts.

Robert Louis Stevenson Facts 10: death

Stevenson passed away at the age 44 years old in December 1894.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

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