10 Interesting Morris Gleitzman Facts

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Morris Gleitzman Facts elaborate the detail information about the author from Australia.  In 1985, he wrote the first book with the title The Other Facts of Life.  There are many other young adult fiction and children books that he had written. Get the detail facts about his personal life, books and characters by reading the following post below:

Morris Gleitzman Facts 1: date of birth

Morris was born on 9 January 1953 in Australia. He got the critical acclaim as a writer after his controversial novels, Two Weeks with the Queen in 1990. The novel talks about AIDS.

Morris Gleitzman Facts 2: collaboration

Morris also worked with Paul Jennings to write children series. Jennings is a famous Australian author for children books.

Morris Gleitzman Author

Morris Gleitzman Author

Morris Gleitzman Facts 3: his newspaper columns

Morris’ newspaper columns that he published in The Age and The Sydney Herald were published as books. The main focus for this book is for the adult readership.

Morris Gleitzman Facts 4: Norman Gunston Show

Norman Gunston Show is always associated with Morris Gleitzman because he was the writer in the popular show in 1970s.

Morris Gleitzman Facts

Morris Gleitzman Facts

Morris Gleitzman Facts 5: the most successful books

The most successful books that Gleitzman write are the Toad trilogy books. His last book was released in 2012 with the title Once.

Morris Gleitzman Facts 6: number of books

During his career as a writer, he had created 37 books by April 2013.

Morris Gleitzman Novel

Morris Gleitzman Novel

Morris Gleitzman Facts 7: marriage

Talking about his personal life, Morris wedded Mary Anne Fahey. She is a famous Australian writer, actor and comedy. Both have two children, Sophie and Ben. Both also have two stepchildren, Tom and Jamie.

Morris Gleitzman Facts 8: education

Morris was educated at Canberra College of Advanced Education. Today it is called as the University of Canberra.

Morris Gleitzman Pic

Morris Gleitzman Pic

Morris Gleitzman Facts 9: description

When he was asked to describe himself, Morris stated that he was a middle aged bloke who likes exploring human being by using his imagination, computer and notebook.

Morris Gleitzman Facts 10: books

Other books of Morris that you can read include The Other Facts of Life, Water Wings, Toad Rage, Boy Overboard, Blabber Mouth, Puppy Fat, Misery Guts, Aristotle’s Nostril, Girl Underground, Teacher’s Pet, and many more. Find out another author in Mitch Bloom Facts.

Morris Gleitzman

Morris Gleitzman

Due to his contribution in the literary world, Morris got many awards such as Bilby Award, COOL Award, YABBA Award, KOALA Award, CROW Award and ANTO Cole Award. Are you interested reading facts about Morris Gleitzman?

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