10 Interesting Harold Godwinson Facts

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Get more information about the last Anglo Saxon king of England by reading Harold Godwinson facts. Godwinson is also famous with the name Harold II. He was the king of England from January 6th, 1066. He died in the Battle of Hasting. Find out more about Godwinson in the following post below:

Harold Godwinson Facts 1: date of birth

We do not know the exact date of birth of Harold II. It is estimated that he was born circa 1022. He died in the battle of Hasting to fight against the William the conqueror with his Normand people on October14th, 1066.

Harold Godwinson Facts 2: family

Let’s talk about the family of Harold Godwinson. His father was the powerful earl of Wessex, Godwin. His mother was the sister in law of the King Cnut of the great England and Denmark named Gytha Thorkelsdóttir.

Harold II

Harold II

Harold Godwinson Facts 3: brothers and sisters

Harold had many brothers and sisters. Those included Tostig, Sweyn, Leofwine, Gyrth and Wulfntoh.

Harold Godwinson Facts 4: Earl of East Anglia

Harold became the Earl of East Anglia when Edith married to the King Edward on January 23th, 1045.

Harold Godwinson Image

Harold Godwinson Image

Harold Godwinson Facts 5: relationship with Edith

His relationship with Edith was very deep. He made Edith as the heiress of some lands that Harold had. The land was located in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge shire.

Harold Godwinson Facts 6: marriage

The marriage of Harold and Edith was not blessed by the church. However, both married and accepted by the people at that time. Their sons and daughters were included as legitimate children.

Harold Godwinson King

Harold Godwinson King

Harold Godwinson Facts 7: appearance

Probably you are curious with the physical appearance of Harold Godwinson. He was considered as a handsome and tall man based on the chronicler Orderic Vitalis. His physical strength and courage can be seen from his body.

Harold Godwinson Facts 8: Edith Swannesha

Edith Swannesha is the wife of Harold that he married in the Danish manner for 20 years. The clergy considered Edith the Fair as mistress of Harold because the marriage was sanctioned by the church. Both had six children.

Harold Godwinson Pic

Harold Godwinson Pic

Harold Godwinson Facts 9: Coronation of Harold

Harold became the king of England after King Edward pointed him as the next king. His coronation was occurred on January 6th, 1066 in Westminster Abbey.

Harold Godwinson Facts 10: Duke William II of Normandy

Duke William II of Normandy heard that Harold had been crowned as the king of England. So he decided to make an invasion to take the crown of England.

Harold Godwinson

Harold Godwinson

In the battle of Hasting, Harold was killed by an arrow in his eye. What do you think on facts about Harold Godwinson?

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